Got inspired by a fellow Watchpro enthusiast and swapped to bracelet.

Jan 22, 2022,08:41 AM

And surprise surprise I actually love it! Initially I thought this watch best works with a thin black strap very elegant in nature but this works very well. Wear and comfort is excellent. This is a testament there are exceptional watches out there other than the usual suspects! Love love love

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 By: InHavenPro : January 22nd, 2022-08:45
I love Piaget . Always inspired and original. Cheers, Filip

Now this is attractive !

 By: Centurionone : January 22nd, 2022-11:11

Ha ha well in this case it’s good it doesn’t have a wait list.

 By: rip9er : January 23rd, 2022-06:21
As much as my ego likes the flex of being one of first to wear certain in demand watches I do prefer the exclusivity of non popular watches more.