Altiplano exhibition at the Piaget boutique - 7 rue de la Paix in Paris

Sep 26, 2015,12:01 PM

The Piaget boutique located 7 rue de la Paix in Paris is currently doing a focus on the Altiplano collection with an exhibition encompassing several decades. The purpose of this exhibition is to display the historical expertise of the Piaget manufacture on ultra-thin movements. From the 9P to the new 900P without forgetting the Altiplano Chronograph powered by the movement 883P, the exhibition gives a good overview of the development of the collection since its beginning... when the Altiplano name was not used.

The exhibition is organized per type of watch: handwind - automatic - decorated with precious stones and for each section, the "original" watch and its contemporary evolution are gathered in the same display.

Automatic YG watch powered by the 12P movement:

The 12P and its micro-rotor:

The 9P movement, the roots of the Altiplano collection:

The handwind WG watch powered by the 9P:

And the latest addition to the collection, the Altiplano Chronograph:

The exhibition takes place at the boutique between the 23rd of September till the 15th of November.

If you are in Paris, please take the opportunity to visit the amazing new boutique of the rue de la Paix and to browse the history of Piaget thanks to this exhibition.


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Thx for sharing, love the caracresitic simplicity of these Piaget

 By: cisco : April 20th, 2016-07:00
And the 12P is a really nice caliber

Thanks! [nt]

 By: MRA : January 12th, 2020-21:39