Wild Kingdom in my canyon

May 11, 2019,09:35 AM

If you all are tiring of the outdoor photos, let me know. (Perhaps we should discuss the change that comes over a photographer as soon as a new piece of equipment enters the stable? Relationship to the outside world changes...)

Spotted while we were enjoying breakfast this morning - two squirrels attempting the long run (about 75m/200 ft) across the canyon on the cable TV wire. In the rain. And one a baby.

With one hand dangling free, Mom confidently looks back at Junior and chirps "you can make it, c'mon!"

Junior freezes, clinging on for dear life.

They finally get going again - for another 30 feet.

He foolishly gets all 4 paws in the same spot - no wide stance - and freaks out, almost falling, but then pulling himself up again.

They take off again. Junior is almost holding on with his tongue.

They made it to the other side, went right up to the top of the telephone pole, and I could tell there was a sigh of relief from both. 
They were out of range, and behind some branches, so sorry no concluding photo of them sitting there.


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Not tiring of outdoor photos!

 By: mkvc : May 11th, 2019-09:40
Especially not this set, which is quite fascinating! Thanks.


 By: Jurry : May 11th, 2019-09:43
How can we ever get tired of such beautiful pictures and you sharing your passion with us?


 By: Adamska : May 11th, 2019-09:59
Cheers, Filip

lovely squirrels! [nt]

 By: Watchlover78 : May 11th, 2019-11:22

Let me think about the options for a minute...

 By: cshimokita : May 11th, 2019-22:49
Perhaps we could discuss the changes due to a new piece of equipment... The wild kingdom is cute and all that but new gear... a whole different level. What have you bought lately? Casey

Another Sony “bridge” camera

 By: cazalea : May 12th, 2019-08:08
It looks pretty much the same from casual observation and has a shorter “reach” but otherwise superior in all respects (except its complexity & weight). It’s an RX10M4 — I decided to step up a couple levels from my HX400V It’s strangely satisfying to ...  

Thanks for the details Mike...

 By: cshimokita : May 12th, 2019-14:43
The RX10 IV might have about 1/2 the reach of your older camera (600 vs. 1200mm @ 35mm equivalent), but it does have a much bigger sensor and is a bit faster at each camera's given wide and tele FL. The first and only camera in its class with phase detect...