What a difference 100 meters makes

Jan 12, 2022,18:50 PM

We walked near the airport today, where the Fire Department has two training facilities. One is used to practice cutting cars apart with "Jaws of Life" or disarming EV batteries after a crash, etc.

In a way, it looks like a bit of fun. 

The buildings here are former military barracks and offices, and are used to train firefighters in Urban Search and Rescue -- rather than rappelling down cliffs or scouring the desert for lost hikers, this group practices going through burning, collapsed, toxic buildings, tunnels and other environments.

Just 100M away is the channel off San Diego Bay, which is invariably calm water, hosting many sea birds and the occasional sea lion. 

Across the channel is the former Naval Training Center, developed now into housing and mixed use retail businesses, known as Liberty Station.

The Bee doesn't care about these important human activities, she is more interested in the pollen and nectar of these rosemary flowers.

It's mid-January and the plants are in full bloom.

All the photos today are from my iPhone 11 Pro. Timekeeping provided by Seiko...

which tells me the bread has cooled and it's time for toast.


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San Diego…

 By: Andy Mac : January 12th, 2022-19:27
….spent a year or so flying in Southern California back in the day. Out of Gillespie Field but pretty much all the general aviation airports. Thanks for jogging my memory with your photos. I still have a beer glass from I think the Firehouse bar and grill... 

Gillespie Field

 By: cazalea : January 12th, 2022-22:19

Now the memories are coming back….thanks so much.

 By: Andy Mac : January 13th, 2022-05:11
Thar Tutima extra 300 is a serious piece of kit…yes indeed! Aviation themed too….for the win. The big domed canopy reminds me of a plexi crystal! 😁 My GA aerobatic experience is pretty limited, but not feeling 🤢 is tough….so solid performance! Don’t ask m... 

Now that....

 By: InHavenPro : January 12th, 2022-20:00
looks like a proper 'adult' (aka big-baby) playground! Cheers, Filip