Interesting Subject vs Technical Proficiency

May 14, 2019,22:22 PM

No fancy camera today because I got an emergency summons from the missus: “come quick!”

Our second crop of hummers is hatching

One in the shell and one in the nest

Sunflower & GS

What a nice watch for a nice day!


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Awesome :)

 By: Adamska : May 14th, 2019-22:26
La vie est belle . Cheers, Filip


 By: Bounce781 : May 14th, 2019-23:07
What’s a “hummer”?

Very nice... it's definitely spring

 By: cshimokita : May 15th, 2019-03:45
BTW I was at the big electronic shop today and spotted the Sony RX10 IV ... very nice handling camera. So I called the staff over and asked if I could see the English menu... after much fiddling around they "had to check with other staff". It turns out th... 

What? That makes no sense!

 By: cazalea : May 15th, 2019-08:18
I guess though it opens the door to creative "international products" suppliers. There is a guy nearby who (still) provides international format DVD players, does NTSC-PAL conversions of videos, etc. When we lived in England we couldn't get anything "inte... 

My understanding is...

 By: cshimokita : May 15th, 2019-14:29
that if the product has English (or other language) menus, then the support organization in Japan must service that product... which means multi-lingual staff. Much less expensive to support one language only. In the past when I checked on English user ma...