Hopper in flight

Sep 05, 2021,08:51 AM


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Photographing skills are good

 By: Weems@8 : September 5th, 2021-09:41
Good pictures.

Thanks much appreciated

 By: Jurry : September 5th, 2021-10:55


 By: Jurry : September 5th, 2021-10:55
Its more of matter of having some luck and keep that camera shooting at 1 fps haha

It a strange bird

 By: Jurry : September 5th, 2021-11:45
When in flight these bright colors become visible. I guess to distract the enemy and make him guess 1/2 second about direction of flight which could be the difference between life and death for the bird

Amazing bird and shots.

 By: robmks1 : September 5th, 2021-13:53

so beautiful

 By: teacher Sun : September 13th, 2021-09:23

Thank you teacher

 By: Jurry : September 14th, 2021-11:06