Fires Filter the Sun

Sep 11, 2020,08:52 AM

These photos are from my Sony camera, pointed directly at the sun this morning, with no filtering, editing, or touchup. I only cropped them to 4000x3000. It's scary here.

One thing I don't plan to do is exercise vigorously outside!


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Double post

 By: George Gently : September 11th, 2020-09:12
No message body


 By: George Gently : September 11th, 2020-09:13
Hopefully the fires are far away from you.


 By: VinnieD : September 11th, 2020-09:52
Feels like choking from afar. Good luck with these disasters that keep repeating themselves every year in your beautiful region. I believe the following message is beyond politics at this stage: we need to take down our carbon emissions drastically (i.e. ... 

Got a new road bike that's just collecting dust. Some of us are lucky to be near the coast. This too shall pass .... just like all the other fires I've endured here

 By: InDebtButOnTime : September 11th, 2020-11:13
during my 67 years in So Cal. I walked a few miles yesterday. Didn't see ash or smell smoke but air quality certainly isn't superb right now. On recent motorcycle rides in the back country (right where the fire now is) I kept noticing tons of fuel and kne... 

Auto WB?

 By: cshimokita : September 11th, 2020-14:21
Which of the three is closest to the reality? I like the second composition... the first has very dramatic colouring... We have been following the US media reporting of the West Coast Fires... intense. Stay safe for many reasons... Casey .

Yikes 😱

 By: TheMadDruid : September 11th, 2020-23:38
The sky is not supposed to be that color with the sun looking the way it does.

Beautiful pics but scary situation...

 By: Mike H : September 12th, 2020-01:42
Good luck and keep safe my friend

That's been our sun for a number of weeks now...

 By: mdg : September 14th, 2020-12:21 back from Napa Valley yesterday and the visibility was terrible... Everything has been picked, now everyone is worried about smoke taint...