Dubai skyline

Nov 22, 2020,03:27 AM

Looking at Jumeirah Lake Towers, a part residential part business district of skyscrapers, as seen from Emirates Golf Club

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One day, my friend.

 By: amanico : November 23rd, 2020-00:47

Impressive skyline!

 By: M4 : November 22nd, 2020-04:38


 By: Jurry : November 22nd, 2020-07:44
In near future ill post some skyline pictures from the gulf looking at the shoreline.

Thanks much appreciated

 By: Jurry : November 22nd, 2020-07:45


 By: Jurry : November 22nd, 2020-07:46
25 years ago that area was nothing else but sand.

Much appreciated

 By: Jurry : November 22nd, 2020-07:46

Simply spectacular

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : November 22nd, 2020-05:24

Thank you for these pics

 By: Geo : November 22nd, 2020-05:50
I just came back from a trip of 9 days to Dubai and I had a great time. George

Great thanks

 By: Jurry : November 22nd, 2020-07:48
And next time you’re in Dubai, let me know so we can grab a coffee (or beer)

Went there a few years back and had a great time

 By: Arronax : November 22nd, 2020-06:12
Stayed at the Jumeriah, did the typical tourist things like the desert ride with a pro driver and everybody loved it. The Sheik Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi was breath-taking!

Ha good to hear

 By: Jurry : November 22nd, 2020-07:43
And the Abu Dhabi grand mosque indeed is spectacular

Only been to Dubai once

 By: penang1974 : November 22nd, 2020-07:02
... the visit was enjoyable and memorable

Ha great

 By: Jurry : November 22nd, 2020-07:42
I’m glad that it was enjoyable That it was memorable is no surprise because the city tends to leave a pretty strong impression (that can be positive or negative but never neutral) for those who are first time visitors


 By: nacelle : November 22nd, 2020-08:23

So many black cars...

 By: patrick_y : November 22nd, 2020-11:05
I thought all the cars would be lighter colored in Dubai since it's so warm!

I love night shots in urban areas...

 By: cshimokita : November 22nd, 2020-13:17
the multiple light sources add a unique look & feel to the images... Casey

Belief it or not but colors match certain groups

 By: Jurry : November 23rd, 2020-06:26
The new luxury car market out here works bit different from back home. Back home you decide on make and model, engine, wheels, packages etc. You can order a model with the smallest engine but loaded with as many options and extras as listed in the catalog...