back down to the city in the last few impressions from the pure nature atmosphere...

Aug 05, 2019,12:13 PM

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That's beautiful!

 By: dhendolan : August 5th, 2019-12:22
Where are you?

Lovely views! [nt]

 By: Bobbe : August 5th, 2019-12:26

thanks Bobbe.. [nt]

 By: Izhik : August 5th, 2019-12:27

a rainbow and the fox...

 By: cshimokita : August 5th, 2019-14:57
Lovely break from the daily routine that we could all enjoy and the promise of a return visit. Thanks for the photos... Casey

you nailed it down Casey with a promise of a return visit...

 By: Izhik : August 6th, 2019-01:06
and I like the title...a rainbow and the fox....sounds almost as a potential title for a kids tale....🙂...


 By: Jurry : August 6th, 2019-06:48
The air so clean ai I long for that