A love supreme

Nov 20, 2020,20:01 PM

Garrard 301, Quad ESL 57 and John Coltrane.

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nice set-up ...

 By: cshimokita : November 20th, 2020-21:34
I have to suffer through with some CDs, but love my music... At the moment listening to "Norman F.... Rockwell!" by Lana Del Rey

That is a GREAT album...

 By: myles721 : November 21st, 2020-04:59
Lana is awesome ...can’t wait for CHEMTRAILS🙏🏻


 By: cshimokita : November 21st, 2020-05:13

Masterpiece - A Love Supreme

 By: bradleg : November 20th, 2020-22:17
Greetings, This is my favorite album - period. This is an outstanding album from Coltrane, as well as one of the greatest albums ever recorded. Be Well, SOG

Original Quad ESLs!

 By: ant : November 20th, 2020-23:05
Gorgeous sound. I still remember my astonishment when I first heard them. And Garrard 301 with 12" arm,,,mmmmm! You are a man of taste and disrimination! Enjoy! Regards Antony

Thanks for the kind words

 By: Deardorff8x10 : November 21st, 2020-11:22

Hmmmm, "sounds " great! ;)

 By: amanico : November 21st, 2020-00:11

Beautiful set

 By: Watchonthewrist : November 21st, 2020-01:32

Nice Audio Research amplifier my friend!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : November 21st, 2020-04:36


 By: Deardorff8x10 : November 21st, 2020-11:23
Italians sold ARC back to Americans, so maybe more staid designs in the future.

Anyone like

 By: myles721 : November 21st, 2020-05:01
Grant Green?


 By: myles721 : November 21st, 2020-05:02
Anyone have an opinion of Linn vs Focal speakers?

Also Michael Kenna photo content

 By: Deardorff8x10 : November 21st, 2020-11:23
Forgot to mention that.

I aspired to Quads when younger but couldn't afford them then...

 By: mdg : November 26th, 2020-09:46
...but I saved up some money and bought Klipsch Cornwalls (unfinished...I stained them myself). My wife 'encouraged' me to sell them after we were married. A very sad day indeed : (

Never heard them

 By: Deardorff8x10 : November 26th, 2020-18:33
But they are held in high regard. I am loving the Quads and my wife is supporting me. 😁

Great thing about old Klipsch...

 By: mdg : November 26th, 2020-20:07
...a lot of the drivers are horns...they are extremely efficient. It takes very little power to blow your house down : )