3 photos shot with 3 different cameras.

May 09, 2019,21:17 PM

Can you match them up with the camera used? 


1. Leica M10
2. Leica Q
3.Fuji XPro2


Photo 2

Photo 3.

For example: C1 x P3 . Camera1 shot photo 3
Not sure if this is easy or difficult but it would be interesting to see your picks. Thanks for playing. smile


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Yes you're right. Thanks.

 By: fernando : May 9th, 2019-22:09
M10 - 50mm F2 Summicron APO XPro2 - Fujinon 35mm F1.4

Not bad! :)))) [nt]

 By: amanico : May 10th, 2019-05:32

Tough game

 By: ChristianDK : May 9th, 2019-22:49
my guess: C1=P3 C2=P1 C3=P2 Reason: P1 and P3 seem more similar - so maybe the Leicas. P3 looks more like 50mm than P1. Now you can say that I am completely wrong! 😂

You are very good! I'm impressed.

 By: fernando : May 10th, 2019-02:15
Almost completely right, which you might have been if I did not crop P3 ( I just noticed). C3=P2 is correct!

Thank you so much fernando :-)

 By: ChristianDK : May 10th, 2019-04:44
full disclosure: I own the M240 + 50 mm APO Summicron + Fuxi X100F. So I had a bit if a feeling. Both makers produce wondeful products with very different qualites. Good fun it was! HAGWE to you

That’s really, really difficult...

 By: JLCman : May 10th, 2019-00:24
...as it also depends on the bw simulation used f.e. With the X-Pro2 I prefer the Arcos plus red filter btw... So let me try: Q XPro2 M10

Excellent result!

 By: fernando : May 10th, 2019-02:18
Like Christian, 2nd. photo photo is shot with the XPro2 (in Acros, no filter). Thanks for playing.

Here are the answers:

 By: fernando : May 10th, 2019-02:29
I apologise for some missing information which made the decision more difficult. There was some cropping on photo3 which may have misguided our participants somewhat. However, they did very well in identifying the photo taken with the Xpro2 and the Leicas... 

You have sent us on a fools mission...

 By: cshimokita : May 10th, 2019-10:23
I did it before looking at the comments and it was more a feeling than anything, knowing only the look and feel of x-series results. It feels very odd showing my picks at this point... C1 P1 / C2 P3 / C3 P2 My picks (for better or worse) were based on the... 

I realised it wasn't a fair contest.:)

 By: fernando : May 10th, 2019-18:10
... but you did great! Every shot should be straight from the camera next time. Best fernando

Is it possible that gear influences composition, quality, 'results'...

 By: cshimokita : May 10th, 2019-20:43
Could it be imagined that (at times & subconsciously) we choose our subject etc. based in part on our kit? ... beyond the obvious, e.g. FL considerations. In subtle ways does using (in our opinion) a "good" camera inspire us? Or is that just blowback ... 

In a way that's true.

 By: fernando : May 10th, 2019-21:05
Just yesterday, I visited my daughter's school parade and when I took the camera out of the bag to snap a few shots, I realised I had grabbed the wrong camera in my haste. I wanted the Q but instead took the M10. With everything in motion I wasn't happy w... 

What are your thoughts on the Q?

 By: descartes1 : May 11th, 2019-05:51
I am not a huge fan of shooting at 28, but the crop feature to “covert” it to 50 on the new Q2 is interesting

At first I had my reservations about having a fixed 28mm lens.

 By: fernando : May 11th, 2019-08:15
But after using it for a while you realise the versatility it provides even without the cropping factor. You just move closer for certain shots and frame it accordingly. I now find the 50mm, which use to be my favourite focal length to be somewhat limitin... 

Thanks Fernando

 By: descartes1 : May 11th, 2019-15:22
I have been thinking about a smaller lighter street photography/ travel tool. I’ve also been considering the Nikon Z6/7 but even though the body is smaller than the D series, the lenses are large, especially if you’re using a converter.