Very interesting...

Nov 09, 2010,19:08 PM

Great info here. Is it easier to activate the MR at say 1:00 versus 12:59, since the spring does not need to store as much energy?

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Patek Philippe repeater extravaganza - lots of video clips

 By: SJX : November 8th, 2010-05:18
Here are video clips of the references 3979J, 5078P and 5016R minute repeaters from Patek Philippe. These are not showroom watches, they are owned by collectors who have worn them. The 3979 is a couple of years old while the 5078 and 5016 are fairly new. ...  

What a pleasure to have the opportunity to ear

 By: patrickh : November 8th, 2010-06:07
these so nice musical tones. Thanks a lot SJX for sharing. To ear again and again ;-))) Best regards, Patrickh

among these, RG seems to produce nicer and clear sound...

 By: FanFrancisco : November 8th, 2010-06:13
thanks for posting, SJX. stefan


 By: Bruno.M1 : November 8th, 2010-06:19
my favorite. If I could ever afford such a piece ... I would make an exception to the rule that it is too small FOR ME

What a wonderful occassion

 By: Jester : November 8th, 2010-06:40
to witness all these serious pieces. Still like the 5016 the most...

Amazing films

 By: Dje : November 8th, 2010-06:42
Hi JiaXian, thank you for these little musics! Amazing watches. The recording of the 5016R is particularly captivating. Did you ever hear a 5074? The cathedral gongs are even better IMO. Cheers Dje

Subjectively, how would you rate the sound quality of each

 By: Aussie : November 8th, 2010-07:18
For me: 1) 5078P 2) 5016R 3) 3979J

My subjective opinion

 By: SJX : November 8th, 2010-07:23
1. 5016R 2. 5078P 3. 3979J The gold cases have a bit more resonance, but barely. The 3979J probably needs a service, and it strikes overly fast, so the comparison isn't fair. - SJX

"Clear as a bell" to me..

 By: Watch4Steve : November 8th, 2010-08:47
5016 3979 5078 This is the first I've heard the 5078 and the platinum definitely has a thinner, tinny sound to it. I was disappointed. The 3979 chimed a little faster than the others, and I thought it sounded a bit hurried, not as regal as the 5016. I hav... 

Ok, ok. Now, I have a .......

 By: VMM : November 8th, 2010-07:28
.............boner. A brain one. Sweet and delightful music to our ears. Impressive quality. Thanks for sharing. Vte

Thank you SJX :-) question,

 By: CL : November 8th, 2010-09:18
I notice that the 5016 was being laid down n a 'glass' table which will help to get the sound resonate louder and clearer. What surface was the 5078 being placed on ? Do you hear any distinctive difference when you hear the watch on your hand versus on th... 

All the watches were on a glass table top

 By: SJX : November 8th, 2010-09:21
It's just that the 5078 had a piece of paper underneath it. The glass does transmit sound, if you press the watchcase onto the table top the sound is amplified. - SJX

Lovely Lovely .....Thank you :-)

 By: CL : November 8th, 2010-19:46
I love these MRs *CL

Thank you.....

 By: MiniCooper : November 8th, 2010-11:25
for posting..... Music to our ears... Cheers

wow..thank you soooo much for this

 By: Miranda : November 8th, 2010-12:03
in real life would be impossible to hear them, big thank you

Oh my...!!! They are amazing....

 By: Andy : November 8th, 2010-12:44
my little eye's (and ears..!) lit up when I saw the post on the Front Page. To own one of those must be magical...can they be over used..!! I'd be playing with it all day..:o) Thanks for the post, Andy.

great video and some impressions....

 By: mjnoumoff : November 8th, 2010-12:58
GREAT VIDEOS!!! 1. Did anyone notice that the 5016 seems to "freeze" when the minute repeater function is activated? The seconds hand does not move! I think the 5016 has the most distinct and best-spaced MR function 2. I am not sure if it is the recording... 

Responses to your points

 By: SJX : November 8th, 2010-19:02
1. The watch wasn't running, it didn't freeze. 2. I think that is due to the watch case being pressed on the glass which resonates. 3. I hear what you mean about the 9th strike but that wasn't apparent when listening to the actual watches so it is probabl... 

Thanks! Further interest questions.

 By: mjnoumoff : November 9th, 2010-04:05
Thanks for your responses and clarifications. Out of interest, does the 5016 have two barrels of energy for the minute repeater and other watch functions? Otherwise how could the watch not be running but still activate the minute repeater function? Unless... 


 By: Dje : November 9th, 2010-07:03
Hi, The repeating function is activated by the sliding lever power and not by the main spring, or by a second spring like in Grande Sonnerie watches. So you can make chime a stopped watch. Cheers Dje

learn something every day....

 By: mjnoumoff : November 9th, 2010-07:41
So the minute repeater's entire power comes from sliding the lever? I thought that was merely a "switch" and not really a source of power.

Nope that's the source of power....

 By: Dje : November 9th, 2010-07:47
Hi, Although I guess it would be possible to make a repeater using a spring (and maybe it has already been done). Cheers Dje

Jerome is right

 By: SJX : November 9th, 2010-08:23
sliding the lever winds up a small spring, which then unwinds and drives the repeater mechanism. The whirring you hear is the regulator that regulates the unwinding of the small spring. - SJX

Very interesting...

 By: mjnoumoff : November 9th, 2010-19:08
Great info here. Is it easier to activate the MR at say 1:00 versus 12:59, since the spring does not need to store as much energy?

There is no discernible difference

 By: SJX : November 10th, 2010-19:02
because from the way I understand it each time you pull the slide the spring is wound to the same degree, and it thens drives the repeater mechanism. - SJX

Ear candy

 By: Nomer : November 8th, 2010-15:12
A brilliant post - I can never get enough of this type of video. The 5016R in particular has a depth and tone of strikes that is very rich and appealing. Thank you very much for posting this.

Excellent music, thanks SJX.

 By: JamesWirral : November 8th, 2010-21:48
Like the 5016 better.


 By: rolex20001 : November 9th, 2010-05:12
For me the clear sound of the 5078P wins.


 By: NW_Rich : November 9th, 2010-16:51
A spectacular post - many, many thanks!

great the music...

 By: ocwatching : November 9th, 2010-20:12
I love watching the movement...simply stunning...

Simply the best!

 By: fernando : November 9th, 2010-22:59
How my heart aches for one of these.

Can I play too ?

 By: Origami : November 29th, 2010-08:05
OK, it's a recased Patek movement, but still ... (PS : if someone could explain me how to directly put the video in the message, I'd be very gratefull).