Same feeling than you. I find the concept great. Even if legibility is not top for tired eyes. [nt]

Jul 09, 2019,22:50 PM

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One of the most attractive models Patek has to offer!

 By: Pour le Mérite : July 7th, 2019-03:03
Luckily it's kind of a hidden gem within the collection. Enjoy!

What a pair!

 By: VinnieD : July 7th, 2019-03:12
Those custom straps seem butter smooth You will get lots of readers interested in your source!

:-) ;-) [nt]

 By: FabR : July 7th, 2019-09:29

The pushers seem slightly different

 By: VinnieD : July 7th, 2019-03:15
One is more rounded whilst the other one seems more square Is it an optical illusion?

Not an illusion.

 By: blau : July 7th, 2019-05:44
The white gold blue dial version has more rounded pushers that are beautifully textured on the ends. It's the one thing about that version that I like better. Wish the stainless steel version used those same pushers!

Of course i kept the steel bracelet. I do wear it occasionally.

 By: rip9er : July 9th, 2019-21:12
When choosing my watches I tend to try to by it with a metal bracelet since switching to a leather strap is easy. Not so the other way around.

He he... A keeper. [nt]

 By: amanico : July 10th, 2019-07:39

Double trouble !...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : July 7th, 2019-04:06
superb choices. Enjoy !

Double whammy!

 By: seehoo : July 7th, 2019-04:13
great pair of 5960s...& those straps are perfect!

Superb! They both look perfect on those casual straps.

 By: blau : July 7th, 2019-05:42
I hope you won't be offended to hear me say that I still prefer the steel one!

Looks amazing!

 By: keks : July 7th, 2019-06:22
Congrats! Please feel free to add to the 5960 roll call if these are not already in the count!

I really want to love this watch...

 By: mdg : July 9th, 2019-15:42
...but there is a LOT going on in that sub-dial. It looks like they tried to do too much in not enough space...

I actually think exactly the opposite. Considering the number of complications the dial is quite clean looking.

 By: rip9er : July 9th, 2019-22:21
It’s also easy to read even for non watch people. No explanation needed on how to read the dial.

Amazing duo!

 By: Tlph : July 9th, 2019-22:59
Recently the 5960 has grown in me! I wonder if one has to choose between 5960A white dial and the G with blue dial, how do you choose? I personally prefer a deeper color to go with formal wears but the white dial with bracelet looks so good too!

Strap source! Sorry I forgot to reply regarding this.

 By: rip9er : July 10th, 2019-07:21
I order mine through Ask for shim. The nice thing about him is you can specify the strap thickness (I prefer slimmer more flexible straps) and don’t forget the quick bar for easy strap changing. Not sure why this isn’t standard for all watches....