Playing with my Leica Q2

Mar 14, 2019,20:19 PM

I just got a Leica Q2. I did not get it to take photos of watches, but thought I’d try anyway.

I was surprised at how much I could zoom in on my 3940. 47mp.


Edit: I see when I post the resolution is reduced. I will crop and post

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Crop 1...

 By: roger.goodgion : March 14th, 2019-20:22

Crop 2

 By: roger.goodgion : March 14th, 2019-20:23
Not sure if these will post ok, but on my computer at home..very nice ...  

Great camera.

 By: fernando : March 14th, 2019-21:25
Try using macro mode for watches.

Yeah, I literally walked outside snapped the pick

 By: roger.goodgion : March 14th, 2019-22:01
And went back in (busy day at work). I just wanted to make sure SD card was working. My only grip is that it did not come with an SD card in the box. Kind of silly.

I posted some macros

 By: roger.goodgion : March 15th, 2019-17:24
Once again, considering that I did not get it for watch photography I am pleasantly surprised.

Ok, now in macro mode

 By: roger.goodgion : March 15th, 2019-09:27
I took this in my backyard. I did not try to line up the shot well. I just clicked. I have done no editing, just cropped on my phone once I transferred the pic. Same pic And again.. Conclusion: I need to wipe off my watches better and maybe take a photogr...  

That is a wonderful watch. It's all there, the complications are enough.

 By: geross : March 15th, 2019-17:40
My opinion. Enjoy. Can't describe the watch. But I'm sure it's the best from the house of Patek. 👍 Geross 😉


 By: keks : March 15th, 2019-23:48
Amazing hardware both the camera and object!