Patek Philippe "form" timepieces: hearts, balls, beetle, backpack...

Jan 10, 2020,10:03 AM

Some research into what Patek "form" timepieces exist, such as hearts, pendant balls (Boule de Geneve), a scarab beetle and Farman backpack (so this does not include pieces such as dome/desk clocks, traditionally designed pocketwatches, etc.).

More historical contact needs to be added, but I wanted to share what I’ve completed to date:

If anyone has additional resources that discuss these type of pieces (if you have seen forum posts, images, books, sites, instagram...if you own one...), please let me know!

Thanks everyone

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many thanks for this interesting and fabulous post ! I now MUST...

 By: GLau : January 13th, 2020-22:51
not let my wife read your post or else I will be in BIG trouble !!