Patek Pair

Sep 11, 2020,21:06 PM

Same name. Same birthplace. But couldnt be more different from each other. 

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Good pair of Patek siblings !

 By: GLau : September 11th, 2020-21:28
How do you decide which one to wear ?

Thanks. Well, for the past week, the PCC got more time since new to me

 By: pongster : September 11th, 2020-21:31
Now, wearing the nautilus. Make up for lost time. ...  

Enjoy both by having ...

 By: GLau : September 11th, 2020-21:59
one on each wrist ! 😇 Will you wear the 5711 mainly with casual clothing ?

Thanks. Haven’t double wristed them yet.

 By: pongster : September 11th, 2020-23:00
I wear a watch depending on what i feel like wearing that day. I hardly give any consideration if i am wearing casual clothing or not.

The PC is so much "the good old Patek". I love it.

 By: Reuven Malter : September 11th, 2020-23:00
The 5711 is a transition piece, just as fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

Lwhat? [nt]

 By: amanico : September 12th, 2020-01:14

Polar opposites, same DNA

 By: Spartacus : September 12th, 2020-00:25
Love the 3970

On diet 😜 [nt]

 By: mahesh : September 13th, 2020-01:31


 By: Mikesr  : September 12th, 2020-06:08
I’ll flip ya for them . Lol both gorgeous

Thank you all.

 By: pongster : September 12th, 2020-07:00
Oddly enough, market price roughly the same.

Great pair

 By: watch-er : September 12th, 2020-06:47
The PCC is pure Patek DNA.