In love with my new 5935A !

Mar 07, 2023,17:05 PM

I was a bit skeptical at first, but then i am glad i pulled the trigger, it is so beautiful under every different light!!

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I would have so much

 By: kevinc1001 : March 7th, 2023-17:19
Fun playing with the world time function.😁

Available at my AD my friend

 By: penfriend : March 16th, 2023-14:08
Obviously very low interest. The first was sold and now the second without buyer

Did not know

 By: penfriend : March 16th, 2023-17:26
This surprises me - but I am also not into WT

maybe only the bulky ones with chronograph function that are not appreciated

 By: penfriend : March 16th, 2023-18:10
pure WT are rather hard to obtain at my AD I believe

True, true.

 By: amanico : March 16th, 2023-21:00

Is this your only Patek WT?

 By: ArmisT : March 7th, 2023-17:39
What were you skeptical about with this marvel?


 By: JBen : March 7th, 2023-20:58
Great watch that looks even better in person. For some reason photos never seem to do this model justice. It wasn’t on my radar until I saw it in person, now I really want it!!

What a gorgeous PP

 By: quattro69  : March 7th, 2023-21:10

Congratulations on this beauty.

 By: Bill : March 7th, 2023-21:10
Hi from a cousin. ...  

Very special and beautiful!

 By: tempus : March 8th, 2023-10:34
Enjoy 😊 Best Tempus

Lovely dial with interesting pattern ! 👍

 By: GLau : March 8th, 2023-14:16
The strap matches it well. How does the thickness feel on the wrist ?


 By: Horology75 : March 8th, 2023-15:10
I was on the fence first but after trying it on at the salon I was sold . Now waiting for one ☝️ ...  

The last few pictures...

 By: saintseiyaikki : March 8th, 2023-15:54
Really showcase its textures, details and class, huge congrats 🥃🍻🤝

It really looks amazing

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : March 8th, 2023-23:30

This is a heck of a watch

 By: stabilizer : March 10th, 2023-14:44
WOW. Congrats!