First Patek Philippe: Nautilus 5712

Sep 25, 2021,02:28 AM

Hi everyone. After many years of admiring the Nautilus and Aquanaut line, I'm excited to finally have one in my collection. I remember lusting over them in 2014/2015 when they were readily available at my AD but were out of my budget at the time. Fast forward several years, I started searing for a 5167, then moved to the 5164, and finally ended up with a 5712. With no luck sourcing one through my ADs, I decided to go an alternative route which wasn't an easy choice. I was able to source one locally that's a recent example that fits the bill. I've been wearing Royal Oaks for years now and it's funny looking at my wrist and seeing something that's similar, but slightly differently shaped and it'll take a little time to adjust to. Hope you all have a great weekend.

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Congratulations in getting the 5712 !

 By: GLau : September 25th, 2021-03:04
It looks great on your wrist and matches well with your clothing

Congrats! Looks great on you!

 By: patrick_y : September 25th, 2021-05:13

Very happy for you. Enjoy!

 By: amanico : September 25th, 2021-05:31

Most interesting Nautilus in my opinion

 By: drphileasfogg : September 25th, 2021-06:04


 By: Erik1 : September 27th, 2021-20:43
Nautilus is a great daily wearer, my 5726 says hello ...  

The 5712/1A-001 is so wonderfully regarded that it may soon warrant a straight trade for a Patek 5270G or perhaps R.

 By: Robert65 : October 12th, 2021-18:59
Beautiful and very versatile Nautilus. Congratulations and wear it in excellent health! Regards, Robert

Can you please clarify "Wasn't an easy choice"?

 By: Robert65 : October 13th, 2021-20:09
Was the pre-loved route not easy? Best, Robert