Enjoying the 5711/1A “victory lap” while waiting for the 5711 “bomb” 🤔

Jun 07, 2021,17:26 PM

Best, V.

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Happy for you that you got this one, congratulations

 By: penfriend : June 7th, 2021-17:41
... however tbh, the 5711 design has never appealed to me (probably one of the very few around here) Love your 5088 and am considering to purchase one as my AD offered it to me. Only drawback is that you can hardly tell the time with it ;-)


 By: Pretty Boy : June 7th, 2021-17:52
Well, telling time is overrated and certainly not the primary consideration if you want to buy a rare handcrafts model. Just look at any 5131, 5231J or 5089G.

Both are obviously very interesting pieces, but they couldn't be more different within Patek's offering ;-) While I frankly didn't ask for the new green Nautilus(es), I'm also currently considering a 5088..will be interested to see what you decide!;-)

 By: FabR : June 7th, 2021-22:00
As a rare handcraft in the regular catalog, it's truly as good as it gets in my opinion (I certainly favor it over the 5231, for instance). Here's a couple of recent wristshots I took of it. Cheers ;-) ...  

very intriguing!

 By: penfriend : June 7th, 2021-22:33
I thought up to now that this piece (5088) is only made on order but there seem to be a few floating around at ADs right now. I wonder if it will get discontinued some time soon...

I might know more after talking to some people next week, but my clear understanding is the 5088 has been an application piece since 2015, i.e., at some point in the process you need to be approved by Patek in order to be allocated one.

 By: FabR : June 7th, 2021-22:59
So I'm assuming this was the case for you as well, in the sense that even if your AD already has it in the shop, in case you decide not to purchase it, either they need to get another customer approved by Patek or they will simply send the watch back ;-) ...  

Many thanks :-)

 By: penfriend : June 8th, 2021-07:33
I deeply appreciate your knowledge and the included pictures from these documentations!! Guess I will make up my mind this summer

Todays choice; 5968A over 5968G (blue)

 By: penfriend : June 12th, 2021-19:54
5088 still pending

Thanks, Bill. Too kind!

 By: Pretty Boy : June 7th, 2021-17:54

I do, my friend.

 By: Pretty Boy : June 7th, 2021-17:59
But honestly, I’m also a bit anxious to collect scratches and/or dings. 😅

Thanks. 👍

 By: Pretty Boy : June 7th, 2021-18:00

I’d imagine that many of its brethren are gonna be watchbox safe queens…

 By: Lankysudanese : June 7th, 2021-17:58
So this one is lucky to be out and about. Keep on living

Thank you, buddy.

 By: Pretty Boy : June 7th, 2021-18:00

+1 agreed 👍

 By: holdemchamp1225 : June 7th, 2021-18:04

Nice shot, my friend.

 By: amanico : June 7th, 2021-18:00

Many thanks, my friend.

 By: Pretty Boy : June 7th, 2021-18:04
Not an easy task because the dial often looks black in photos.

Hi V, love the green dial breathing outdoors and matched...

 By: GLau : June 7th, 2021-18:31
against green grass ! Again, we are green with envy !

Hi V, WIS loves

 By: GLau : June 7th, 2021-19:00
lots of green with envy ! Keep the envy gravy coming PLEASE !

Hi Ed, here’s a photo of the sweater.

 By: Pretty Boy : June 7th, 2021-19:06
I bought it last year so not sure if it’s still in Loro Piana’s collection. ...  

This one is cotton only so perfect for now.

 By: Pretty Boy : June 7th, 2021-19:35
When I asked the salesperson why it’s so expensive he said they used the best cotton in the world and a lot thereof. 🤣

Many thanks, Moritz. 🙏

 By: Pretty Boy : June 7th, 2021-19:29

Many thanks, M4.

 By: Pretty Boy : June 7th, 2021-20:38

Like what Gordon just said, I’m also green with envy +1.

 By: Clueless_Collector : June 7th, 2021-20:16
I might have to get a super fake for $1000 like that article and then meet you later for a gtg, 😜😅….

I bring the watch, you bring the Booze Justin…

 By: Clueless_Collector : June 7th, 2021-22:59
I think it’ll work 😅 Shall we meet in Milan at V’s favorite place Galleria Vittorio Emanuele or the island where he vacations 🤣😬

The lawyer. :))))

 By: amanico : June 10th, 2021-21:41

Great one ;-)))

 By: FabR : June 10th, 2021-22:28

Justin and I will not just offer real Coke or Pepsi-cola…

 By: Clueless_Collector : June 7th, 2021-23:49
We will bring something stronger and everything will look just black and white 😜😂

Relaxed elegance in cotton and steel 😎

 By: agyzace : June 7th, 2021-20:26
Enjoy my friend!

Thanks a lot, Alex.

 By: Pretty Boy : June 7th, 2021-20:44
Hope to see some photos of your 964 Jubi soon again.

Note taken my friend. I will not take the 'cheap' option to post old ones :-)

 By: agyzace : June 8th, 2021-09:33
as soon as I take her out again, I will take a couple of pics for you Have a wonderful day, Alex

Thanks a lot. 🙏

 By: Pretty Boy : June 7th, 2021-20:44

Many thanks!

 By: Pretty Boy : June 8th, 2021-05:36

Many thanks, Fernando.

 By: Pretty Boy : June 8th, 2021-05:36


 By: Blue and White : June 8th, 2021-05:51
An amazing watch, as impressive as the rest of your collection. Enjoy it.

Thank you so much.

 By: Pretty Boy : June 8th, 2021-07:29

Indeed! Vroom vroom with your tick tock...

 By: pfang56 : June 8th, 2021-06:44
Just saw your love for LP as well! No better company for fine clothing. I think I have practically all of their models of coats (horsey, martingala, Sebring, roadster, etc) and sweaters and shoes. I guess collecting in one arena prepares you for many othe... 

Many thanks, Peter!

 By: Pretty Boy : June 8th, 2021-07:29

Thank you, my friend.

 By: Pretty Boy : June 8th, 2021-11:42

Simply said, this is how a treasure looks like!

 By: radone : June 11th, 2021-05:05
I am happy for you, Volker, I am too busy to enjoy my new 15202 to envy you 😊. Warm congrats, Radu

Thank you so much, Radu.

 By: Pretty Boy : June 11th, 2021-05:44

Congratulations V.

 By: Miles_151 : June 12th, 2021-07:03
I hope it brings you many years of enjoyment and smiles. After all that’s all it’s about. M.

Many thanks, Miles.

 By: Pretty Boy : June 12th, 2021-07:09