Can't agree more. Congratulations to all proud owners of 5970

Mar 27, 2011,04:36 AM

Congratulations to all proud owners of 5970, you have such a timepiece which embodies the soul of the legendary Patek Philippe Perpetual Chrono, a true successor to 1518 and 2499. We don't need history to decide on its legacy. 5270 has proved it.

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Baselworld 2011: the new Patek Philippe 5270 perpetual calendar chronograph!

 By: Dje : March 23rd, 2011-00:05
We won't have had to wait too much to see a new perpetual calendar manual wind chronograph appear from Patek Philippe' s novelties. Just two years after the Patek Philippe 5970P, the Patek Philippe 5270G is taking the glorious path of its ancestors. The n...  

Mixed feelings.

 By: amanico : March 23rd, 2011-00:30
What I like a lot: The superb lugs, the concave bezel, and the fact that we have the possibility to choose between the plain and see through case back. What I dislike: The subdials, which are " de centered ", and the two port holes at the right and left p... 

Love it at the first sight

 By: patrickh : March 23rd, 2011-00:38
Thanks Jérôme for these very first comments and photos. Elegant, refinement, QP and chronograph, in-house Patek calibre=the MUST have for sure. Hope I could have one day the pleasure to wear this 5270 on my wrist, even if it is for a test ;-)))) Have a gr... 

Thanks Jerome for the first official insight............

 By: Topcat30093 : March 23rd, 2011-01:09
To what I have NO doubt will be the talk of the Patek stand at this years fair. I like so many others, will have to wait (hopefully) to see this piece in the flesh. But what I have seen of it so far, I like very much. In recent times I have become a fan o... 

Fifth generations...Thanks for the excellent report Dje

 By: Miranda : March 23rd, 2011-01:14
The heir to the crown has a lot to live up to, its forbears have become icons in the horological world and are the stuff of dreams for so many. Early signs are good, and hopefully this weekend I will be able to handle it and give a real life perspective. ...  

Finally... =)

 By: Vinontre : March 23rd, 2011-01:17
Finally we can talk about it!=) Thanks Jerome for the very well written report of the most anticipated watch of the year for me. The key points for me: 1. Love the muscular yet elegant sculpted lugs 2. Much improved legibility due to the lack of tachymete... 

Thank You Jerome for report

 By: dreamer8 : March 23rd, 2011-01:23
IMHO, my initial impression is it looks "bottom heavy" on the dial with the subdials placement on the dial.I kept comparing it to the 5970 dial which looks more coherent.

beauty but...

 By: constantine : March 23rd, 2011-01:25
the am/pm and leap year indicators are a bit "tough" on my eyes so to speak. i guess because it's new. great piece. thanks for the report!

I have a good feeling...

 By: fernando : March 23rd, 2011-01:33
about this one - a modern interpretation of a classic, especially with the black hands & indices. A little querkiness here and there,such as the regular & short indices but taken as a whole it's quite pleasing to the eye and the dial doesn't look ... 

price ?

 By: Bruno.M1 : March 23rd, 2011-01:52
The 5170 is pretty expensive so I'm affraid this one wil be 120 - 125 K EURO

An evolution I like

 By: Mark in Paris : March 23rd, 2011-02:48
I'm a big admirer of what PP is and represents but I always had a mixed filling about there estheticism. In the mean time I knew things would evolve. I must say I really love this 5270, and particullarly the choice of this concaved basel, the harmony of t... 

is the subdial at nine a counter or a small seconds?

 By: donizetti : March 23rd, 2011-03:12
If it is the latter, I am sold on this one. Thanks for the report! Best Andreas

The cat is out of the bag ...

 By: small-luxury-world : March 23rd, 2011-03:26
Lots of pro´s so far, but as always it has to be seen in the metal & on the wrist. First con, the writing is quite big - compared to the predecessors. I know it is nothing new, lately. Anyway, the lugs and the crown look very nice ... Dje, thanks a lot fo...  

Out indeed....

 By: MiniCooper : March 23rd, 2011-06:53
A new chrono pc is always horological news.... definitely to be seen in metal.... I wonder how the bigger size will work.... Looking forward to seeing it in metal.... Cheers


 By: =RWK= : March 23rd, 2011-12:10
White metal Oliver! :-D -- Richard.

Thanks for your insight into the 5270

 By: AnthonyTsai : March 23rd, 2011-05:04
The only thing I don't like about the dial is the numbering of the date. Seems to be a tad too large IMO. Otherwise, looks like a beautiful watch. Cheers, Anthony

I would have to agree

 By: fnutz09 : March 23rd, 2011-07:13
The date numbers look to big for the dial...I would have to say I still like the 5970 better at this time...

For those of you who read my thread.

 By: missoss : March 23rd, 2011-05:33
For those of you who read my thread titled "What are my options?", this is the watch I wish I could buy while visiting the Patek boutique in Geneva. What a watch! I hope I will one day be the proud owner of this fine piece of art. Thanks for the post Dje.... 

A beautiful watch...

 By: Goh : March 23rd, 2011-06:00
clean and legible, a worthy successor to 5970. Love the black oxidized hands too. Thanks for the information Jerome. Best, Goh

Thank you Dje for a great first report........I have spent some time looking.......

 By: Miles151 : March 23rd, 2011-08:01
at the initial scans of this new 5270......and..... I still need some time to think about it and would like to see one in the flesh but my first gut reaction is similar to last year when I first saw the 5170....... I like the 5270 for all the above reason... 

Old vs. new

 By: Hampusw : March 23rd, 2011-08:34
Here's a compo between the 5970 and the new one.

Let's try again

 By: Hampusw : March 23rd, 2011-08:36

Hmmm...Dje, does the day/night indicator operate...

 By: =RWK= : March 23rd, 2011-12:09
using a reference of 00/12 hours or 06/18 hours? Thanks, -- Richard.

You’ve done the right thing, Mr. Stern!

 By: heartbreaker : March 23rd, 2011-14:00
First of all, let me pay Jerome my compliments for his brilliant report. Even if I’m far from having the right skills to write something after such a comprehensive article, I’d like to express my personal point of view. Let’s start from ... 


 By: PhilipPhilip : March 23rd, 2011-23:15
The dail looks even more balance and clearer than the 5970. This is the new target in 2011....

Great looking watch..but

 By: jimjenkins : March 24th, 2011-00:27
Of course, we have to see it in the metal to develop an accurate impression. My first impression of the pictures are: 1. Very legible black hands and stick markers on white dial, which is practical, but that stands out too much, and takes away from the un... 

Thanks, Jerome, for the interesting report.

 By: masterspiece : March 24th, 2011-00:51
I like it. I like the "cluster" of the sub dials being on the bottom. Being a designer, it seems natural to have it more toward the bottom than the top as heavier things in nature are drawn to the bottom through gravity. With the greater white space at th... 

Excellent report, thanks, Jerome. [nt]

 By: JamesWirral : March 24th, 2011-02:37
No message body

I have no idea! nt

 By: Dje : March 26th, 2011-11:18

I would agree 100% [nt]

 By: fnutz09 : March 24th, 2011-07:26
No message body

I fully concur... I was waiting for the successor...

 By: ticktocktimesup : March 26th, 2011-01:27
... of the 5970 and was highly interested, but now that I actually have seen, it is a very clear no-go. I will try to get myself a good deal on a new 5970 in the market, as this one just doesnt do it for me (well, just perhaps not the right word, it doesn... 

Your thoughts mirror mine

 By: doublesix : March 26th, 2011-07:45
I will also look for the 5970jr or g in the resale market. I think the ultimate test is if you were offered the 5270g at a price (discount) that was equal to the price of a 5970g in the secondary market, which one would you take? For me, it would be the 5... 

true. Very true (nt)

 By: GOGO disqualified : March 27th, 2011-05:03

Wow - a-. winner Thanks Jerome for this wonderful report

 By: : March 24th, 2011-15:50
This is the one to get. If I was in the market for one of these- perpetual chronos, why not get the one with the in house PP movement rather than te Lemania. Surely an in house movement from the company that is famous for these models trumps any "imported... 

Thank you all for your comments

 By: Dje : March 26th, 2011-11:21
Hi, Thank you all for your comments. I was not travelling to Basel these days so I've not seen the watch. I should see it next month or in may and so I will come back with my own pics. Till that I will wait to give more of personal opinion. I can just say... 


 By: GOGO disqualified : March 27th, 2011-03:33
As long as I concern, recent Patek Philippe is losing dignity that have owned for a long time. Traditionally, Patek Philippe perpetual series has moderate logo and big moonphase on the position of 6 o’clock on the dial. Such as 2499. 

Can't agree more. Congratulations to all proud owners of 5970

 By: Gorowitz : March 27th, 2011-04:36
Congratulations to all proud owners of 5970, you have such a timepiece which embodies the soul of the legendary Patek Philippe Perpetual Chrono, a true successor to 1518 and 2499. We don't need history to decide on its legacy. 5270 has proved it.

Thanks Dje

 By: Quan : April 3rd, 2011-01:52
will go for 5970G first if given the chance to own one