Almost the same market value : one technical marvel and piece of art limited to 30 vss one marketing created hyped icon limited to 700

Jul 12, 2018,03:09 AM

I guess this is nice stuff for debate

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In my opinion

 By: sham1 : July 12th, 2018-03:29
you get a lot more watch with the Lange for the money. The Nautlius is a cult watch and is arguably over priced both when new and used. And I love Pateks in general by the way, just not the Nautilus

Lange is the choice

 By: horology8 : July 12th, 2018-03:56
Between these two for sure Lange 1815 Tourbillon and the handwerkskunst dial is so beautiful

The market determines the price

 By: CastorKrieg : July 12th, 2018-04:15
Market, company history, supply, sensibilities all play role in price and demand. I can see why people would like one of these more than the other; diamonds are indices are not my thing, but also Lange cannot be really a 'daily wear'.

Without hesitation the ALS 👌🏻

 By: Watchonthewrist : July 12th, 2018-04:19
Such a beautiful watch . The PP is nice to but overhyped imho

Lange all day!

 By: ripper444 : July 12th, 2018-06:00
I like PP but since my experience with AP the wholly trinity thing isn’t what it’s cracked out to be! A Lange makes very nice pieces

Previous analysis taught me that it is difficult to equate two similar but different objects

 By: cazalea : July 12th, 2018-07:45
I was asked to give a talk to some business people on When Does Value of A Equal Value of B (or something like that of my choosing) GM had just produced a year's worth of sales on the original civilian version Hummer H1 20,000 units at 50,000=$1 billion H...  

Apples and oranges

 By: alphabeta81 : July 12th, 2018-10:36
He is not saying the sum total market value of all the Pateks is the same as the Lange He is comparing 1 to 1 By your logic, if I have 10 billion bananas worth 10 cents each, I can throw that into your Hummer vs Honda discussion? Nope. Imagine that Honda ... 

Here was the original statement

 By: cazalea : July 12th, 2018-12:23
One technical marvel and piece of art limited to 30 vss One marketing created hyped icon limited to 700 Total market value almost equal. That sounds to me like these 30 are equal to 700 Mike

Oh, I now understand

 By: alphabeta81 : July 12th, 2018-16:39
I see how it was read by you - makes total sense now. But no, I think the reality is that the secondary market value of these 2 pieces is identical, 1 to 1. If it was the way you reaqd it, that would make more logical sense! But the watch world clearly do... 

I want to curse and swear....

 By: Hororgasm : July 12th, 2018-07:52
....but I shall not. Swiss hype versus German sensibility. Best, Horo

Soooo true I would definitely go for the Lange with my eyes shut and my hands wide open

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : July 12th, 2018-08:41
Unfortunately the market doesn’t think so


 By: MTR : July 14th, 2018-05:27
the market thinks so! So you are able to get stunning watches like your HL at a good and fair price. 😊 Best, Thomas

Nautilus trends

 By: watch-er : July 12th, 2018-09:41
are controlled by the intentional underproduction by the company. To what final end, who knows.

Apples & Densuki Watermelons

 By: Arie - Mr Orange : July 12th, 2018-22:47
Ok ok a blinged up apple ;-)

i think the PP is limited to 300?

 By: benzng : July 13th, 2018-01:04
I would choose the Lange for the tourbillion as I don't have this complication yet BUT if cash is available i would take that instead

700 pieces indeed

 By: Maltie : July 13th, 2018-01:23

No contest...

 By: Langeholic : July 14th, 2018-00:33
Lange all the way on this one

Perfect two watch collection

 By: keks : July 14th, 2018-05:12
What else is there to say. To compare and choose between the two is fruitless... totally different and pricing is the way it is for a good reason. No relative value, just different values...

I stand corrected but the ALS is close to double

 By: Karlstumke : July 15th, 2018-08:38
The price of the 5711P at MRSP. ALS preowned is dreadful at all levels and makes 7000 watches a year. That implies not many more people want to own them....i will ne in the minority and go PP here...

As a German I must say: Lange, no way! It doesn’t get more boring than ALS.

 By: cayenne1200 : July 15th, 2018-09:54
ALS will never be able to create such an outstanding watch design like the Nautilus. They are simply too drunk with their own history.

That Vacheron Constantin Traditionelle Tourbillon is so nice...

 By: patrick_y : July 15th, 2018-11:22
I have a little review of it here.... That'd be a sweet thing!