A modern version of Ref. 3414, called "Cobra" ...

Jan 15, 2014,08:03 AM

Will we ever see one from Patek Philippe, again? Could this be one of the big surprises for the 175th Anniversary?

The original one (prototype) was produced in 1958/59 and the caliber inside was the famous 9-90 - for some the best/most interesting rectangular movement till today.

At the moment we "only" have one serious "successor" from Urwerk, the CC1.

So what do you think, would a new version fit into the Patek Philippe collection of today? Can you imagine a project like this? Would you like it anyway? ...?

Looking forward to your thoughts.


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Anything is possible

 By: Miranda : January 15th, 2014-09:16
But I will be shocked if they do it… It would become instant legend/collectirs piece

I am very surprised to read that Patek created this watch in ... 1958!

 By: amanico : January 15th, 2014-09:41
Wow! That is some pre funky creation! Thanks for the information, Oliver. That is some unusual Watch, design and style, from the Calatrava Cross Brand. Best, Nicolas

Flabbergasted, Astounded, Gobsmacked......

 By: Sandgroper : January 15th, 2014-10:57
Astonished and Surprised to see for the first time this PP!!! Is this for real??? Fantastic...the cal 9-90 that is. I wouldn't dare think that PP had the audacity to produce such a bold wrist watch. Wow! Very impressed indeed. Cheers Francois from Down Un... 

Absolutely Miranda, very impressed indeed!!

 By: Sandgroper : January 15th, 2014-12:32
As everyone, I new PP had made some quartz watches, which was kind of, "the norm" at a certain time;) but this bold, futuristic approach in 1958..wow! +1 to Patek Philippe from my view point for Audacity, which is what I really like in JLC for example. Ch... 

"cal 9-90"

 By: small-luxury-world : January 15th, 2014-12:20

Thank you Oliver, I have only one world......

 By: Sandgroper : January 15th, 2014-12:47
Stunning! Did PP only make 1 prototype? Not sure that I would purchase this particular one but I think that it could work with a re-designed bracelet/strap..and a different case on the same theme. I can really see some potential here. Cheers Francois from... 

You know my thoughts...

 By: cory : January 15th, 2014-13:03
I have always LOVED this PP and hope and pray for a modern version take on the cobra. ;)

Always loved the Cobra but I doubt PP will ever launch a new version...

 By: Goldenlutin : January 15th, 2014-13:18
When you see such old prototypes you realize how deep PPs problem / lack of creativity is nowadays. When did PP launched the last watch where you could really say "wow"? Guns N' Roses would say that PP lost its "appetite for destruction". They don't blow ... 


 By: cory : January 15th, 2014-14:52
Well said. ;)

I would be miffed beyond belief if the bring out a remodel of the 3414

 By: watch-guy.com : January 15th, 2014-19:51
with a 9-90 movement I just sold my last kidney to buy the 5105 and the 5235 so I will not be able to buy it. I NEED it for my 9-90 obsesssion ;-) Seriously it would be great and I hope that PP brings out something ground breaking for 175 anniversary

If they bring it …you will need more than kidneys, liver , eyes , heart…

 By: Miranda : January 16th, 2014-14:48
My estimate is that it would be at least £200k

lol [nt]

 By: watch-guy.com : January 16th, 2014-15:44


 By: NJ : January 16th, 2014-03:57
Once was quite enough, thank you. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Leonardo da Vinci