A lot has been written individually about the iconic 5711 1/A and the not quite so iconic 5712 1/A, but I thought it might make for an interesting discussion to compare the 2.

Jan 12, 2018,11:46 AM

I will be happy to start. The 5711 seems to be a significantly more desired reference. While I can understand the reasons why: historical lineage dating back to 3700; elegant, sporty simplicity; and pure aesthetic preference for the uncluttered dial compared to what some consider the asymmetry of 5712 - I find the 5712 to be much more interesting visually, with its moon phase/date register and power reserve. Also the 5712 is virtually as thin and comfortable to wear as 5711 and has a wonderful (IMHO) complication and Patek at least for me is all about complications. 

Regarding white vs blue/black 5711 dial, yes the blue/black is generally more desired, but the icey cool, bold white seems to be gaining ground. The blue/black is shimmeringly beautiful in daylight, but appears rather dark and less interesting at night. The white is fantastic in any light.

I would like to be able to rate the 3 in order of preference, but I can't since the 5712 is a relatively recent acquisition and I am not sure that even over time I will be able to do a rating that will remain my preference. The one thing I can say for certain, is that for me they are each very different in character from the other and I am thrilled to own the "set".

How do you feel about these 3 models compared to each other?

I look forward to reading your viewpoint.

Best, Patekova

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Love my 5712A

 By: drphileasfogg : January 12th, 2018-12:01
One of the few asymmetrical dial that works; although beautiful the 5711A has IMO a large dial that feels empty. As watches grew in size over the years, dials feel empty to me. Same with the Calatrava 5227, same with the AP RO hence I feel inclined to get...  

Can’t really compare the 3 as each has its own merits...

 By: Raymond_S : January 12th, 2018-12:45
Tiffany loves you 😁 Great collection of co-brand PP, I’m glad I made it to waiting list for the blue 5711, after knowing they have closed the order. Rgds Raymond

agreed fully [nt]

 By: stabilizer : January 12th, 2018-22:17

Thank you but it’s only a matter of personal taste

 By: Alkiro1 : January 13th, 2018-01:26
Best wishes Alkiro

Thanks for your input! [nt]

 By: patekova : January 13th, 2018-04:11

Difficult to say....

 By: runie : January 12th, 2018-23:36
....because I prefer the heavy metal versions. If I had to choose, first I would go for the blue dial, because it is near to the origin, the 3700... Second choice is even more difficult. I tend to the silver-white dial, in reality it shows an amazing chan...  


 By: Baron - Mr Red : January 13th, 2018-01:35
I would say that I like the 5711 most of the three. Reason being that it is closest to the 3700 and also I like the simplicity of the dial. I would also add that the Tiffany would be a major positive for me on that watch. Having said that, sometimes one m... 

Go for the original!

 By: Oat : January 13th, 2018-04:12
3712 second series 4 red dots ...  

Why not to go for the originals?

 By: dr.kol : January 13th, 2018-02:04
3700-001 & 3712-001. Best, Kari ...  

Why not, is right! All a matter of taste and cost factor. 3700 vs 5711 is like Rolex 6263 Daytona vs Rolex 116500 ceramic bezel.

 By: patekova : January 13th, 2018-04:10
Vintage vs. modern. Each has its own merits. Eg - Some might prefer screw down crown and sweep seconds of 5711.

Nautilus choice

 By: fabios : January 13th, 2018-04:17
Having both, if I had to keep only one .... surely 5711! The king of elegance.

Hi Patekova, What a collection of the Nautilus co-branded dial !

 By: GLau : January 13th, 2018-09:49
This is a grail set of Tiffany Nautiluses ! Personally my first preference the blue 5711 most because of the dial color, simplicity of the dial, and lineage. It is very difficult for me to pick my second choice because I have never seen the white dial. Ch...