5711 vs 5712 blue dial difference?

May 18, 2020,16:22 PM

Wondering if anyone has series of pics of the two or can describe the difference in blue tones? (Or they’re the same?)

I have a 5170p and 5205g which have different blues - thinking maybe similar dynamic?

The 5170p is more matte and the 5025g is more bright I guess I’d say. Tough to describe

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This is an interesting question, so let's see what any owners of both will respond. The "official answer" from Patek is that the blue in the 5711 and the 5712 are supposedly the same...

 By: FabR : May 18th, 2020-19:19
Namely, both references feature a "blue-black" dial. However, as you noticed, other references carry different "blues". For instance, your 5205G, which is stilli in the current catalog, has a "blue sunburst, black-gradated" dial. Cheers ;-)

Different blues

 By: dms : May 19th, 2020-00:27
5711 is more blue, more intense ... sometimes shifting toward greenish blue. 5712 is darker blue, shifting toward gray or black ...