yes true.

Aug 11, 2022,20:12 PM

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Monkey time

 By: Watchclog : August 11th, 2022-10:34
You can’t beat an enamel dial. So hard to get good pictures. It’s like wearing a painting on your wrist. So humbled to have been allocated one. ...  

Amazing AP piece

 By: Musto27 : August 11th, 2022-11:20
Is it really a monkey?

I got it thank you

 By: Musto27 : August 11th, 2022-22:29


 By: FabR : August 12th, 2022-00:27

A warm welcome to the forum!

 By: GLau : August 12th, 2022-16:58
Looking forward to your further participation!

Thank you very much!

 By: Musto27 : August 13th, 2022-06:21
I don't know if i can contribue that much on Patek Philippe handcraft posts. I'm here to learn from you, the owners of these masterpieces.

This is too good --- Let me again congratulate you, this time in public, on the allocation of the incredible Ref. 5738/50G-018! :-)

 By: FabR : August 11th, 2022-11:40
As Rare Handcrafts have truly become the object of desire of every sophisticated watch collector, only six in the entire world have been offered by Patek this gorgeous, out-of-catalog Golden Ellipse....and I am sincerely happy you're one of them! Congrats... 

It really is like wearing a painting/art, congratulations 👏🏼

 By: ArmisT : August 11th, 2022-11:45
I imagine it will also be an interesting conversation starter, so be sure you read up also about the species of monkey represented there, which is a beautiful choice.

that ellipse...

 By: Peter : August 11th, 2022-16:06 not for the fainthearted. a monkey on the wrist is ...... interesting.

I hear you !

 By: Watchclog : August 11th, 2022-19:46
For me it’s so bad that it’s good 😊

yes true.

 By: Peter : August 11th, 2022-20:12

Huge congratulations! Fantasy enamel piece and most importantly it carries the

 By: GLau : August 11th, 2022-16:26
“AP” signature 👍 Enjoy often this very rare watch and superbly made enamel dial by THE Anita Porchet ! 💪 My “AP” Rousseau Lion 🦁 say hi and wants a photo session with your monkey 🐵 ! 😉 ...  

Thank you

 By: Watchclog : August 11th, 2022-19:24
As long as your lion does not eat my monkey 🙈! Joking aside these watches are just crazy. It’s like wearing a piece of art !

Wow!! 😮

 By: Patekfinity : August 11th, 2022-17:13
What an AMAZING 🤩 dial!!! I’m sure it looks unbelievable in person…photos do not do justice to these amazing works of ART!!


 By: patrick_y : August 11th, 2022-23:08

That marmoset is watching you

 By: Seconds : August 11th, 2022-23:26
It must make you smile. Regards Seconds