I finally know how to tell the difference between the Blue and black dial 5980.

Mar 02, 2021,09:50 AM

The sun can play tricks. 

The blue dial 5980  has a white date disc with black numbers. 

The black dial 5980 has black date wheel with white text. 


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A quick shot of the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980A.

 By: amanico : March 1st, 2021-02:01
Belong ing to a good friend ( you know who you are ). For me, THE Nautilus to have. now the question is Blue or black? Best, Nicolas ...  

Blue ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : March 1st, 2021-02:08

+ me ;-)

 By: PoyFR : March 1st, 2021-04:20

matte black/Roman #'s

 By: vicunaman1 : March 8th, 2021-07:48
my 3710/original 2 piece case

Do you have a picture?

 By: amanico : March 8th, 2021-11:01


 By: tempus : March 1st, 2021-02:09
For me... 1. blue 2. white 3. black Have a nice week. Best Tempus

And 4, now.

 By: amanico : March 1st, 2021-10:18

I had the blue and loved it

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : March 1st, 2021-03:42
What about the white?

Uber cool shot, Dédé.

 By: amanico : March 1st, 2021-10:19

6-0. Grazie, Amico.

 By: amanico : March 1st, 2021-10:20

Those are some nice shots.

 By: MichaelC : March 1st, 2021-05:17
Quite a watch there.

Hi Nicolas, To me, blue dial with 5980 is more ...

 By: GLau : March 1st, 2021-05:28
classic and iconic, whereas the charcoal (not black to me) is more powerful 💪 ! If I had to choose, blue please.

I remember in 2015-2016 being in 1-2 ADs that actually had almost the entire range of Nautilus available for purchase.

 By: Nicetomeetyou : March 1st, 2021-05:31
At that time, I had the chance to compare the 5980 to it’s thinner siblings 5711-12. The 5980 definitely feels more like a sports watch. You know it’s there. I would choose the blue for me! The 5711p (non anniversary) would be my pick of the entire range.... 


 By: coz : March 1st, 2021-05:42
Greetings, Nice shots. I had a 5980 blue in the past. Awesome piece. Ideal combo: 3700 + 5980 Black! Best


 By: DOCSF : March 1st, 2021-05:46
I regret not getting one, it was still available at an AD in 2018. Went for a 5990 instead.


 By: Gelato Monster : March 1st, 2021-05:52

Wow, outstanding captures!

 By: M4 : March 1st, 2021-06:44
A close call for me, but likely the blue would take top spot between those two colors. But I think the white dial might take first prize. They're all good. M4

I am never sure about gray vs blue. Sunlight changes the color.

 By: Bill : March 1st, 2021-09:07
Is this blue or black/gray. ...  

Greyish Blue?

 By: amanico : March 1st, 2021-10:29

I finally know how to tell the difference between the Blue and black dial 5980.

 By: Bill : March 2nd, 2021-09:50
The sun can play tricks. The blue dial 5980 has a white date disc with black numbers. The black dial 5980 has black date wheel with white text. Easy.

Noir for me.

 By: nasseriq : March 1st, 2021-11:41

Ha... Really???? :)

 By: amanico : March 1st, 2021-22:28


 By: amanico : March 2nd, 2021-17:02

It’s blue/grey

 By: gautamak : March 1st, 2021-15:56
Am for blue dial as it can be radiant differently depending on light conditions. One of the Best Patek sports watch which has been enjoying 13th Anniversary with me. Best regards ! Gautam ...  

Dhanyawad Nico 🙏

 By: gautamak : March 1st, 2021-23:30

Bleu of course...

 By: keks : March 2nd, 2021-03:47
For black actually prefer 5990... White 5980 is top cool as well... ...  

The only Nautilus I even came close to owning.

 By: Miles_151 : March 2nd, 2021-09:54
But couldn’t pull the trigger. Yes another unwise decision for my wallet but my collecting morals intact. I do like it the most out of all of them. But went for the 5960p instead. Great shot. Oh blue for me. M.

Or A.... ;)

 By: amanico : March 2nd, 2021-17:02