This thing has been on my wrist for about a month now...

 By: cmmnsens : July 9th, 2019-14:42
It's just so comfortable and perfect for the summer weather. Been neglecting my mechanical FPJ's - will need to change that soon!

ah ah, I love mine too, it is my summer watch... [nt]

 By: foversta : July 9th, 2019-15:09
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post pics! [nt]

 By: cmmnsens : July 9th, 2019-15:15
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I'm a big fan!

 By: M4 : July 9th, 2019-15:28

It's a unique and cool watch. It looks terrific on your wrist.


thanks! [nt]

 By: cmmnsens : July 9th, 2019-16:12
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As much as I do like it, and I’ve tried it on a few times in the last month...

 By: Jay (Eire) : July 9th, 2019-15:30
....I can’t get myself to justify it. 

I have not managed to differentiate this (or Seiko’s Spring Drive, which I know is very different) from other (and much cheaper) non mechanical watches which my head screams limited life span and which I swore I’d never buy again (other than a Garmin or Apple Watch which both have specific purposes for me and their limited life span is justified by their utility).  

I know I’m wrong on this, but I can’t seem to get there.  I’d be interested to hear owners of this Journe share reservations and thoughts pre purchase. 

it's not entirely non-mechanical no?

 By: cmmnsens : July 9th, 2019-16:17

Yes, you are correct. But the heart is non mechanical.

 By: Jay (Eire) : July 9th, 2019-17:32
Do you think about it the same way as the mechanical watches insofar as they will always be around, always repairable?

to be honest... it never crossed my mind

 By: cmmnsens : July 9th, 2019-19:18
I was more focused on the user experience and the innovation. I really enjoy wearing a Journe I don't have to worry about, that looks good, comfortable and light. That would be a good question to ask FP regarding the Elegante's long-term "lifespan." Knowing him, I would assume he had longevity and repairability in mind. But who knows for sure?
Did you ask the boutique when you tried it on? If so, what did they say?

We talked about the lifespan of the battery, 8 years with daily wear (if I’m remembering correctly) but not explicitly about the lifespan of the watch itself.

 By: Jay (Eire) : July 10th, 2019-03:59
One of the attractions is the “don’t have to worry about” factor you mention.

I always think of the old Accutron when I see pictures of the movement.

 By: ChristianDK : July 9th, 2019-21:37
I think it would probably last many years. “Forever” is difficult to know. I don’t know much about electronics.

It looks fantastic

 By: ChristianDK : July 9th, 2019-21:13
I met Gino Cukrowicz (Ginotti) some weeks ago. He was wearing his untreated Ti on a bright yellow. It looked sooo cool - I wanted one on the spot! 
He told he had just come back from Bali where he had worn this one during his entire trip and had not been able to take it off after coming home. Everyone loves their Elegante, it seems. 
I so wish we would see a traditional mechanical movement in that Ti case. I’m still hoping, even if Mr Journe said it’s not going to happen. I think the case would be the true FPJ “sports watch”. Even more than the current Line Sport. 

I met Gino a few years ago

 By: cmmnsens : July 10th, 2019-05:40
We had dinner with him and FP in Silicon Valley. He was in fact wearing an Elegante. Here’s a pic of the watch pile!

That is a pile that really aligns with my taste in watches - just wonderful pieces

 By: ChristianDK : July 10th, 2019-08:37
I have a crush on the Havana with the blue moonphase also. Something about those two colors together that works really well.

Elégante is my first Journe!

 By: Tlph : July 9th, 2019-22:32
Love it absolutely - light at wrist.

Apparently from the website this journe could last for 18 years.. after 18 years... who knows. I was told they have a team specifically dedicated to work on this piece so wouldn’t worry too much about the lifespan.

that looks great 👍 I m certain it will last for a lot longer than 18 years. [nt]

 By: ChristianDK : July 10th, 2019-00:44
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Def a watch a need to add in my collection one day

 By: Watchonthewrist : July 10th, 2019-03:47
Great looking FPJ and like you say a perfect daily on these summer days


 By: the_watch_lounge : July 10th, 2019-06:30
I fell in love with the elegante two years when my bro in law bought one and I tried it on.
I had to get my head around the idea of it been a quartz watch but the more I learned about the brand the more I liked it .
Turning point was when I visited the factory and saw the passion that went into making this watch the coolness of the watch and when Journe launched the new titalyt I had to have one with the orange or yellow straps
I’m picking mine and my wife’s elegantes up on Friday.
Counting the sleeps now 😄


That's awesome! Congrats and make sure to post pics! [nt]

 By: cmmnsens : July 10th, 2019-07:04
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