What Cartier reference is this?

 By: CrookedOak : January 7th, 2020-09:06
Does anyone know what Cartier reference this watch is? I think it is Tortue XL (9601 MC movement), but can't pin down the reference. Any help would be appreciated!

The stamping makes me think it’s part of CPCP [nt]

 By: CastorKrieg : January 7th, 2020-09:15
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Hi..W1546151.. [nt]

 By: cirotti : January 7th, 2020-09:39
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Thanks. I wasn't sure if that was right or not. I found photos of a W1546151 online that must be wrong (link below). It must be a W1532851.

 By: CrookedOak : January 7th, 2020-13:56