Ozaki wagyu omakase for dinner last Friday...

 By: terbaboom : September 8th, 2022-11:59
unlike most other Japanese beef, the Ozaki beef is not too oily and doesn't make one "sick of eating it" despite having it in every course

apologies for the photos overload wink

Oh my gosh!! Washoku to the max.

 By: Moka-Tiger (Ron) : September 8th, 2022-12:24
You must have enjoyed everything from the first to the last course.
Amazing meal. I live in Tokyo and rarely have the pleasure of enjoying such a high-class meal
like that, which you photographed beautifully. Thanks for sharing.
I will have to take a look around the neighborhood and see what meals I can find,
if there are any comparable to yours. 
p.s. I know what you mean about too TOO much marbling in beef and "getting sick of eating it.".
I too prefer leaner cuts. I will check out Ozaki beef. 

thanks Ron!

 By: terbaboom : September 9th, 2022-05:05
i was a little apprehensive before the meal given the amount of beef in the menu (literally from tongue to tail). thankfully, every course was good and i haven't sworn myself off beef after the meal 😅

OMG! How much I envy you!

 By: Marcus Hanke : September 8th, 2022-12:41
This appears to be one outstanding menu worth to be stored in a lifetime's memory!


thanks Marcus! the food tasted excellent indeed! one of the best dinner I've experienced so far

 By: terbaboom : September 9th, 2022-05:08


 By: patrick_y : September 8th, 2022-16:37

slurp indeed! 😋

 By: terbaboom : September 9th, 2022-05:08

What a feast! You ate all these marvelous plates?

 By: amanico : September 8th, 2022-21:12

yup! even my 12 year old son ate the entire dinner 😉

 By: terbaboom : September 9th, 2022-05:09

They are true ogres at that age. :))))

 By: amanico : September 9th, 2022-06:39

And they don't seem to show it at that age neither!

 By: patrick_y : September 9th, 2022-17:12

+1! Lucky them! ;)

 By: amanico : September 9th, 2022-22:26