This one’s for Myles for who reminded me to get my rear end in gear and start making cocktails

 By: aperna : August 5th, 2022-21:01

Man…I do love that Pepsi…I think you have a Rootbeer as well?

 By: myles721 : August 5th, 2022-22:34

Root beer, Coke and Pepsi

 By: aperna : August 5th, 2022-22:36

Rootbeer is my favorite (killer) piece..

 By: myles721 : August 5th, 2022-22:37
Explorer II
Sky Dweller

Wich one is your favorite ? Or, wich one do you wear the most ?

 By: LFPTK : August 6th, 2022-12:36

I don’t own Rolex..

 By: myles721 : August 6th, 2022-13:12
I have 5 Omegas but I appreciate the brand…for me it was kind of like Ferrari or Lambo…I’m one but appreciate the other…

This one looks very tasty!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : August 6th, 2022-12:44