Rolex Submariner 6205 Vietnam War Veteran. New pictures included.

Apr 29, 2015,12:32 PM

Hello PuristSPro Forum all original Submariner ref 6205 is a one owner piece that my father bought new while overseas serving in the U.S. Army in 1954/55. I believe he paid right around $100 U.S. for it when purchased new. This watch was my father's "daily beater" for about thirteen years inclusive of his one year tour of duty in Vietnam in 1967. The 6205 was "retired" and gave way to a new Omega Seamaster cal. 321 Chronograph and Omega Constellation that he purchased in Hong Kong on his way back home from Vietnam. It was at that time that the Submariner 6205 just sort of vanished and nobody thought anything of forward a couple decades and low and behold the 6205 was accidently found in a box full of my father's military memorabilia including the two medals shown in the attached picture. Not exactly a "barn find" but just as good now that it has been rediscovered and is part of my family's heirlooms from my father who passed in 1980. I hope you enjoy the picture...



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 By: Mizur9999 : April 29th, 2015-14:56
Thanks for sharing your most interesting story and a great picture indeed. Great soldier and a great watch - it does not get much better than that. What an incredible keepsake!


 By: cazalea : April 29th, 2015-15:02
Thanks for sharing your dad's Rolex with us. You were fortunate that it turned up. Please keep it intact with its patina - it would be a shame to lose that look. I hope you have been able to see some of the posts we've had recently about other Rolexes and... 

pristine hands and insert .... wwoooww !!

 By: marcello pisani : April 29th, 2015-21:57
more pics are absolutely mandatory !!!!!

Very nice 6205, and in stunning condition!

 By: amanico : April 29th, 2015-22:23
These early Subs are just sublime... Thanks for sharing it with us! Nicolas

Awesome watch - super cool

 By: Bill : April 29th, 2015-22:33
And great provenance. Us local Cali guys would love to see that bad boy in the flesh. Bill


 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : April 30th, 2015-00:29
Frank this is just an awesome story Thank you for sharing with us Welcome Damjan

A beautiful watch with an awesome story behind...

 By: Subexplorer : April 30th, 2015-06:19
... a keeper for life with the provenance of your Dad makes for a one of a kind priceless timepiece. Thank you for sharing with us! Welcome to our place! Very cordially, Abel.

wow !

 By: americano : April 30th, 2015-17:21
How a man puts his faith in a watch when the going gets tough congratulations .

Thank You

 By: Franksc07 : May 1st, 2015-12:04
Thank you very much Baron for the "Watch of the Week" recognition for my Submariner 6205. Another "fun fact" on this particular watch is that it was produced very early on after Rolex reset their serial numbers with a five digit 213xx number. This particu...  

Totally deserved......and....

 By: Baron - Mr Red : May 2nd, 2015-01:51
....if you look at the Rolex Masthead, you will see your 6205 there as well! Best Joe

WOW....a real milsub

 By: daytonaman799 : May 2nd, 2015-06:08
Glad you found it. What a great piece of family history. Enjoy it.

Wow !.. What a man.. What a story.. What a watch !!.. This is in superb condition and for sure is very precious to you !

 By: hs111 : May 10th, 2015-07:48
Also warm Welcome to this place here ! Would be lovely,mf you considered to share some more pics of the beauty ! Thx again for sharing ! Cheers, hs

Grateful to have you shared this with us...

 By: shou.biao.kuang : May 12th, 2015-16:24
It is watches like yours that make me love vintage Rolex so much :) what's with a great story to it too! Hope this time piece can be passed on for generations to come. This is probably a very very early sub and hence very rare! Let the grandkids be proud ...