Trusted companion today

 By: aperna : November 22nd, 2022-12:47

All the best, Tony

You are ready for duty dear Doctor! Have a nice day!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : November 22nd, 2022-13:07

A Classic, Dr Bond. ;)

 By: amanico : November 22nd, 2022-13:09


 By: Bobbe : November 22nd, 2022-13:47


 By: amanico : November 22nd, 2022-13:47


 By: Bobbe : November 22nd, 2022-13:48

Excellent choice, Tony! I am also going with dependability— OP 39.

 By: orahu : November 22nd, 2022-13:10

You cannot go wrong with this one.

 By: amanico : November 22nd, 2022-13:13

Great choice

 By: aperna : November 22nd, 2022-13:49

If you can’t trust a no date Sub…what can you trust?

 By: myles721 : November 22nd, 2022-13:23

Panerai Base 😀

 By: Ajas : November 22nd, 2022-16:16

Great choice👌👌

 By: Bobbe : November 22nd, 2022-13:47

Great choice Doc! Have a good day

 By: Ajas : November 22nd, 2022-16:15

Nice one!

 By: aperna : November 22nd, 2022-16:51

A classic for a classic man!

 By: EdTonkin : November 22nd, 2022-16:22

Thanks for looking. Have a wonderful TG my friend

 By: aperna : November 22nd, 2022-16:52

You as well, Tony. We have so

 By: EdTonkin : November 22nd, 2022-17:33
much to be thankful for. Our friends in this community are among our many blessings. 🙏🏻

A great companion!!!!!!

 By: gregcarraram3 : November 23rd, 2022-00:12

A fine choice. Can’t be faulted my friend!

 By: 777Dave : November 23rd, 2022-08:53