Two of my favorites

 By: aperna : May 15th, 2021-22:25

All the best, Tony

The Italian Style. Perfetto!

 By: amanico : May 15th, 2021-22:27

Grazie mille amico mio

 By: aperna : May 15th, 2021-23:12


 By: Velobuck : May 15th, 2021-22:41
Always make me think of the Giro d’ Italia

Same here Doctor, working hard to enjoy Italy despite the restrictions😉🥂

 By: FabR : May 15th, 2021-22:43

You guys have all the fun...😉

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : May 15th, 2021-22:48

Only between one curfew and the next! ;-))

 By: FabR : May 15th, 2021-22:56

LOL! Well said 👍

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : May 15th, 2021-23:32

Stop by anytime will do cocktails and dinner

 By: aperna : May 16th, 2021-12:38

I know I can count on you

 By: aperna : May 15th, 2021-23:04

Looks great Tony and seems like your shirt match your drink! BTW what is that drink?

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : May 15th, 2021-22:44


 By: aperna : May 15th, 2021-23:04

One if my favorites...

 By: MikiJ : May 16th, 2021-02:40
Lately I've been mixing mine with Hendricks Gin smile

I too enjoy Hendrix

 By: aperna : May 16th, 2021-12:38

Since we're talking Gin :-)

 By: MikiJ : May 16th, 2021-14:15
Let's just say I've had quite a bit of experience as my tavern was known for serving "proper cocktails".
Without exception Bombay Sapphire is the cleanest tasting Gin. 
Thus a proper gin Martini:
7 parts Bombay Sapphire, 1 parts Dolin Dry vermouth, mixed well with plenty of ice and served "up" in a chilled Martini glass.
Garnish with the yellow, none of the white, lemon rind only for a true taste of a classic Martini served classically smile 
Be careful as it's going to taste like "more" ;-) You can always add an olive of your choice only if you insist :-(

Thanks, I will have to try it!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : May 16th, 2021-10:07

Looks good, cheers ! ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : May 15th, 2021-22:53
Have a great weekend Tony. 

Thank you captain have a wonderful Saturday evening

 By: aperna : May 15th, 2021-23:08

Livin’ right! Enjoy my friend!

 By: EdTonkin : May 15th, 2021-23:15

Thank you Eddie I assume you’re doing the same

 By: aperna : May 15th, 2021-23:53

Hello Tony, you have great taste

 By: renerod : May 15th, 2021-23:39
With watches, clothes and drinks.

It is good to enjoy life!



Thank you Rene. Perhaps someday we can share a meal together All the best, Tony

 By: aperna : May 16th, 2021-12:40

That would be lovely dear Tony! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

 By: renerod : May 16th, 2021-23:25

Two trusty friends!

 By: matto1 : May 15th, 2021-23:50

Love this version of the Seadweller!

 By: vallura : May 16th, 2021-01:16

You got it right Doctor!

 By: gregcarraram3 : May 16th, 2021-04:31
Looking good!

Thanks Greg, have a great day best regards Tony

 By: aperna : May 16th, 2021-12:41

No orange?

 By: dhendolan : May 16th, 2021-04:34

Love the first shot!

 By: Arronax : May 16th, 2021-07:42
You should check Revolution, they just came up with two limited B&R chronos called negroni and spritz!

I happened to see that. My son really likes that watch

 By: aperna : May 16th, 2021-12:41
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