Rolex Deep Sea

 By: baufoam : May 22nd, 2020-17:23
I am thinking about asking my  AD in Los Angeles to get me a “Deep Sea” Rolex, the one with the blue gradated dial. My thought is that it’s really something of a ridiculous watch, but I think it’s rather fun and really quite beautiful in its own big, thick overbuilt kind of way. My collection is mainly Patek with a couple of vintage Rolex pieces thrown in. The Deep Sea is of course a very modern timepiece. 
I wanted to check with my colleagues here on the Forum. Is this a difficult watch to get at retail? Will it be a tremendous “Ask” of my Rolex Authorized Dealer to get me one? I suspect it has limited appeal because it is really very big and built to serve a specific purpose ( for which I will NEVER use it!) . I just think it’s a a really fun and unusual watch that I would enjoy. Thoughts? Comments? 

It has its fans. Buy it only if you like it. [nt]

 By: amanico : May 22nd, 2020-17:47
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I have the old version, and honestly, it's a really FUN watch! I got it from a Patek/Rolex AD a few years ago (and back then it was easy to get anyway), so I'm not sure of wait lists today..

 By: FabR : May 22nd, 2020-17:52
...but hopefully it won't take as long as a Daytona, or Pepsi, etc.. It is HUGE and obviously unnecessary in our daily lives, but again, I love it every time I wear it! And the newer version is even nicer, in my opinion ;-)
Here's for comparison, on my Korean girlfriend's small wrist and on my Italian wrist ;-)


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My experience is similar...

 By: CR : May 22nd, 2020-19:30
I too have the original version. I've thought about getting the newer Deep Sea with the blue gradation but it just hasn't been high priority. "Ridiculous" is a good word for this watch. I knew that when I bought it. It's silly, and it's way too big for my 6" wrist, but still it's a cool watch. I wear it once in awhile. The fact that you describe it as "ridiculous" means you'd be buying it for the right reasons. smile Here's a pic of it with a slightly older Sea Dweller.

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 By: hackingseconds : May 22nd, 2020-19:48
That “slightly older” Sea Dweller is the real gem. Awesome side by side of both divers!
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Too cool, this duo! [nt]

 By: amanico : May 22nd, 2020-23:55
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The third is the charm, though.

 By: CR : May 23rd, 2020-12:52
Maybe not the rarest of the DRSD variations, but that's okay! For years I wanted a DRSD, and I am glad I finally scratched that itch a few years ago.

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Mambo Italiano, looks good on you my friend [nt]

 By: aperna : May 24th, 2020-19:08
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🙏🙏👍 [nt]

 By: FabR : May 24th, 2020-20:20
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According to the largest Rolex AD in the world (Siddiqui..

 By: Lankysudanese : May 22nd, 2020-23:21
and Son), it’s the most limited stainless steel Rolex in terms of production. Probably due to the combination of the dial and the rigorous water resistance needed. I helped a colleague get one, but from a gray dealer. It’s a formidable piece. Good luck with the hunt

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i like the dial very much!

 By: terbaboom : May 23rd, 2020-03:08
and despite its size, wears comfortably on the wrist

side by side with the fifty fathoms

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Uber cool. I am more and more falling for it. [nt]

 By: amanico : May 23rd, 2020-03:10
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Here's Mine

 By: Koozy : May 23rd, 2020-06:17
On my 16.5cm wrist. I don't think it wears too big but the weight is noticeable. Mine is the prior calibre, got it about 7yrs ago after a c.8 month wait

through an AD where I had no prior purchase history but doubt that would be possible today. In answer to your question I think it would be difficult to get hold of like most Rolex steels unless you have prior with the AD. I also think interest spiked up again after Tiger wore it post his Masters win (there's a story on Hodinkee) so I wouldn't assume interest is low but I'm not an expert. Good luck in sourcing one, I don't think you'd regret it.
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Back in 2017 I was dying to get a D-Blue...

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : May 24th, 2020-18:35
And finally my AD was able to deliver one in April 2018.  Having worn a number 44, 45, 46 and 47 mm watches for many years (and I still do), I thought the Deepsea would be at least be similar in feel on my wrist.  Beautiful as it was and no matter how hard I tried with bracelet adjustments and even a Rubber B strap, I could not get over how top heavy it was and the extra thickness (~18 mm) made it very uncomfortable.  That said, I know many people who can wear the watch with much more ease but I could not.  So your mileage may vary and I hope you can get the opportunity to try one on before your purchase.

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Very god point. That's why I want to try one, before deciding anything. [nt]

 By: amanico : May 24th, 2020-23:07
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