5513 on leather strap : you love or you hate ??

 By: leopold : February 14th, 2020-08:03

😍 [nt]

 By: Gelato Monster : February 14th, 2020-08:10
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Leather straps can hive a whole new vintage look.

 By: Bill : February 14th, 2020-08:24

I like it, although I still have a strong bias to see Rolex sports watches on an Oyster bracelet. [nt]

 By: vitalsigns : February 14th, 2020-08:36
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Yes, the oyster is The bracelet for Rolex sports watches but if you want to change ...

 By: leopold : February 14th, 2020-09:45
You can also try the Nato ....

Leather Nato looks nice, as does your first leather strap in the original post.

 By: vitalsigns : February 14th, 2020-10:37
I've never taken to any Rolex sport watch on fabric/nylon Nato, for some reason.
A lot of options for the Sub, though as it's such a handsome, classic piece, especially with some nice patina, as you have here.

👌🏻 [nt]

 By: mrds : February 14th, 2020-08:53
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It all depends on the strap. Here I like it. [nt]

 By: amanico : February 14th, 2020-09:57
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 By: baufoam : February 14th, 2020-13:17
However I really think you should put that fine watch on a correct Rolex metal bracelet. In my mind, there is no question about it. 

A beautiful watch. [nt]

 By: kjkt3 : February 14th, 2020-14:38
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Thanks ! I have the correct Rolex metal bracelet ... But sometime i try another style ... [nt]

 By: leopold : February 14th, 2020-15:01
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Love all the way. Great look . [nt]

 By: ZSHSZ : February 14th, 2020-15:11
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