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 By: m2 : September 3rd, 2021-00:56

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Best model of the dreaded Kern era at IWC

 By: Boris : September 3rd, 2021-01:25
At least in my book.

I came very close to buying it, in the silver / cream dial and gold hands and indices. I was very impressed how slender the watch was, and how nicely it wore on my wrist.

If that was a dreaded era, what is it now?

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : September 3rd, 2021-16:25
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Recovery era, perhaps?

 By: Boris : September 4th, 2021-03:21
The Big Pilot 43 is the best thing they've come up with in years. I am really impressed with this model.
I couldn't stand what Kern was doing in terms of bringing almost the entire line > 42mm, the over-reliance on brand ambassadors at the expense of a drop in execution standard (compare a 3706 dial / hand to its 3717 successor, for instance), the gaudy designs running contrary to the brand's understated DNA (e.g. Ingenieur Zinedine Zidane).
And the fact that he is a cynical marketeer (cf. his speech at the 2011 World Minds in Zurich) with an enormously high opinion of himself.

I don't see it that way...

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : September 4th, 2021-15:21
If anything, the current direction is worse. Everything you mentioned about what Kern did is happening tenfold. Brand ambassadors, alliance with MB F1, awful BP iterations (especially Lewis Hamilton editions), etc. "In-house" movements that are designed by ValFleurier and shared by other brands. Obvious cost cutting measures with increased retail prices makes for decreased value. The fact that you only mentioned the 43 mm BP as a successful watch says a lot. That said, I think most of these corporate owned brands are seeing a different audience and they are catering to it. We just are the old guard that don't matter anymore.

You're a better authority than me on this

 By: Boris : September 5th, 2021-00:59
If you say that matters have further degraded with Kern's successor, I take your word for it.

I guess I just found the transition from Bluemlein to Kern brutal, with a loss of substance along the way.

Now, granted, everyone cannot be Guenter Bluemlein. And it's not just limited to IWC: when given a choice, Richemont will more often than not appoint a marketeer rather than an industrialist as CEO of their brands. Making a quick buck and bumping up sales seem to be the motto, under the shareholder's pressure of Johan Rupert.

Understood and we are in agreement here 👍

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : September 5th, 2021-17:13

Love it!

 By: DoesNotTickTock : September 3rd, 2021-05:07
I recently pickup a new black dial version and absolutely love it!

Love the crown guards

 By: Jakub M : September 3rd, 2021-06:45
This to my eyes was one of the most beautiful Ingenieur made, certainly more wearable than the 7d or the ones with inhouse on my small wrist.