A watch that was ahead of its time. An ageless and evergreen IWC timepiece.

 By: dmas : August 31st, 2021-08:45

One of my Favourite IWCs 😎super cool in Ceramic 👍thanks for sharing.

 By: templetowers : August 31st, 2021-09:43

Always a pleasure.

 By: dmas : August 31st, 2021-13:30

Damn I love this watch...

 By: blau : August 31st, 2021-11:14
If you ever feel like upgrading from your *mere* 3705 to a *superb* 3706, I'm here for you wink

Thanks, you are being too kind ;-)

 By: dmas : August 31st, 2021-13:26
Will have your offer in mind smile

Both great watches 👍

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : August 31st, 2021-14:44


 By: blau : September 1st, 2021-02:42
(one may be a little greater, though)

yes perhaps more passionate soul

 By: Gelato Monster : October 8th, 2021-00:44

Is it ahead of its time beacuse it's case is ceramic black?

 By: Mostel : September 18th, 2021-03:52
The movement is an ancient 7750... like so many watches at 1/10th th its price... same movement... same 'watch'
This is not a chronometer.
I like this watch a LOT for its looks but. ahead of its time? MMMMM... hard to argue that.
The case is a static thing... and it's cool... but futuristic? Ahead of its time? Hmmmmmm

It "was" in 1994.

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : September 18th, 2021-15:42