Middle East Boutique SE 383 -DLC

 By: John HS : May 7th, 2011-06:23

It was released last month , only 70 pcs.  Would you buy it.  Just curious, I love the design but i am sure many of us would said its a  "Modern Panerai and no DNA."  Kindly give me your views.

Thanks and Regards



It's a good looking watch John but...

 By: i_am_Sam : May 7th, 2011-06:31
too modern for my taste

Have a great weekend John


Id Pass

 By: Nicko16 : May 7th, 2011-07:24
Mainly due to the pushers been round when they should have put the squarer type on the watch

+1 [nt]

 By: Jester : May 9th, 2011-05:41
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I'd love it if it was 3 register chrono..dont know why they do 2 register.. [nt]

 By: Miranda : May 7th, 2011-08:29
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History + aesthetics?

 By: Asimut : May 7th, 2011-10:10
IMO a more balanced dial.



I understand, but prefer the functionality of a 12 hour register..esp in a proper sports:) [nt]

 By: Miranda : May 7th, 2011-14:12
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Thanks Imran, i am with Asi on this , I just love 1950 in ceremic

 By: John HS : May 7th, 2011-18:13
or black, but 335 comes with the date.

plenty of DNA IMHO and I think its a great looking watch.

 By: Asimut : May 7th, 2011-10:05
I'm also a sucker for a 2 subdial chrono.



Thanks Asi. [nt]

 By: John HS : May 7th, 2011-18:10
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Not even at gunpoint.... :-) [nt]

 By: sirjo : May 7th, 2011-10:06
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Thanks Sirjo but that serious?? LOL. [nt]

 By: John HS : May 7th, 2011-18:13
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Serious as a mortician.....and I wouldn't buy a 317 either.

 By: sirjo : May 8th, 2011-11:49

I've never been one for "busy" dials and if I wanted busy, I'd buy a Breitling.... smile Personal taste. Nothing to do with Panerai DNA...modern...vintage etc.

Cheers - Sergio

Killer looking PAM.

 By: Davo : May 7th, 2011-13:51
What are the specs on it? I'm interested. And I'm serious.

Thanks Davo, will drop u a pm once i get the details. [nt]

 By: John HS : May 7th, 2011-18:12
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I think this is just the natural evolution of the brand. i'd consider it..

 By: playtime : May 7th, 2011-15:30
only after purchasing a base or some other historic model first.  i think in 10 years time we will see  that these models (luminor chronos with power reserve) will earn their place in Panerai history......


Thanks Mate, yes a matter of time, [nt]

 By: John HS : May 7th, 2011-18:11
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Mean looking watch but not for me. (nt) [nt]

 By: L(uke) : May 7th, 2011-16:02
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Now for the specs of SE383

 By: John HS : May 8th, 2011-05:00

Quantity: 75

Case: Luminor 1950 44mm, DLC

Bezel: DLC

Back-case: Screw, personalized

Dial:      Black


Bracelet:     Buffalo black

Buckle:     Historical BA





Thanks John.

 By: Davo : May 8th, 2011-06:06
I'm sold. Now for the hunt...

Great aesthetics

 By: BluNotte : May 8th, 2011-17:39

But not one for the consideration.

Auto. Period.


Thanks Mate, of course we know, [nt]

 By: John HS : May 8th, 2011-19:43
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Of course Panerai DNA!

 By: Subco : May 9th, 2011-12:16
For me, looks like if it have the same genetics as others black beauty (PAM 317, PAM 335 or even PAM 332).
I think it is even the Panerai DNA.
In one way historic timepieces, and i another way, modern watches intended to make the watch-making progress (movement, materials...).

Thanks and well said, mate. [nt]

 By: John HS : May 9th, 2011-19:03
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it wasn't newly release, is it?

 By: swjoseph : May 9th, 2011-23:45
I'd go for 317 for better scratch resistance and in-house movement.
Or 332 if I've a budget concern.
But 70pcs limited edition makes it for someone who value rarity.