So I bought a new old Panerai book and I came across something I've never seen before...

 By: i_am_Sam : February 6th, 2011-09:54
I can't say it's a beautiful watch but attracted my interest as I've never seen or heard this particular model

It is stated that the prototypes were supposed to be manufactured in 1997 but after the sale of the company, the order was not carried and the watch was not manufactured. But later it has been illegally produced..

Does anybody here know more about this particular piece?

Looking forward to hear your thoughts



I've never seen a pic of this Panerai before. Hopefully our vintage experts here know [nt]

 By: AnthonyTsai : February 6th, 2011-09:55
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What I've learned so far

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : February 6th, 2011-10:26
about Panerai is
a) Panerai has very complex sometimes murky history
(but that is big part of it's charm)
b) you mustn't trust everything you read in books about Panerai
(this reflects not only to Panerai books)
P.S. I'm not Panerai vintage expert but this one looks very strange to me

POY knows.

 By: amanico : February 6th, 2011-11:32

There was a transitional period at the end of the Pre V era, and at the moment when Cartier Vendome bought the brand ( March 1997 )

They bought the brands, and received, with the brand, the projects, and among them, the " Projetto Slytech ".

POY wrote szome very interesting thinghs about it, and if he comes by here, he will certainly share with us some of his informations, as he is one of the very few to know and to speak about what he knows.

In the Projetto Slytech, you had several watches which saw the light after March 1997.

We had the Pam 21, the Pam 36 / 40, the Submersible, for instance.

Some other watches were ordered by Panerai to a " Sous Traitant "  (in French ) and came into Panerai Vendome Hands after March '97.

So was the case of the Blackseal Slytech.

It may also be the case with the watch pictured in your post, Sam.



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Well Nico, sorry to say, but no, here I have no knowledge of this creation ;-)

 By: PoyFR : February 6th, 2011-12:16
Yes a Luminor Sub was a plan in 1996, but never prototyped nor produced at least till 2003

See my answer to you below, my friend. ;) [nt]

 By: amanico : February 6th, 2011-13:39
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there were supposedly 5 pieces produced for the 5218-206

 By: Hororgasm : February 6th, 2011-11:56

hi Sam,

these were developed and prototyped in 1996. it sports a rotating bezel and has a UNITAS 6497.

we could be reading from same source. does your book mention 5 pieces, and also the PVD 5218-218?


best, Horo


Well, that's 5 pieces too much

 By: PoyFR : February 6th, 2011-12:14

Although the watch was a plan in 1996, nothing was drawn or scheduled.  To my knowledge and my late relationship with most important members of Officine Panerai in Firenze till 2003, this watch was not produced nor prototyped, well at least till 2003. 

Oooh no, don't tell me 2003...

 By: amanico : February 6th, 2011-13:38

Sounds like this is another " success " from the usual suspects...

I already see one writing the libretto, an another one signing it.

What do we use to say?

" The world is divided in 2 parts: Those who know, and those who dig ..

Dig, Tuco, Tig. "


Best, POY.


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+1 , i heard from the old boys , there were a plan. But

 By: John HS : February 7th, 2011-03:02

you never knows what is/are ever produce, If u are lucky or fortunate to get the the ''List'', then u will know. Again, some said this list does not exist.

Personally , just read about it and do not ponder too much.




So how many of them were made?

 By: i_am_Sam : February 8th, 2011-07:24
And I'm assuming its not produced with the authorization from Panerai?

Just curious



This is typically the kind of post where silence is golden.

 By: amanico : February 8th, 2011-07:29

If you see one, may I suggest you to run away?




I'll definitely do..

 By: i_am_Sam : February 8th, 2011-19:58

And probably just keep it as a mystery..


No. As an " intentional accident of History ". :) [nt]

 By: amanico : February 8th, 2011-22:49
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I think we're reading the same book Horo! [nt]

 By: i_am_Sam : February 8th, 2011-06:54
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never seen this one either.!

 By: Tony A.H : February 7th, 2011-12:24

but when you say: illegally Produced ?! do you mean Fake?

 thanks for sharing




Not sure about that Tony...

 By: i_am_Sam : February 8th, 2011-06:57
But that's what's stated in the book



well, gotta go with what the Book Says.

 By: Tony A.H : February 8th, 2011-10:52
thanks Sam

Sam, may I ask what book?

 By: Mr.Gatsby : February 8th, 2011-11:01
Just curious about your source of information.

" La Panerai Di Firenze ", by Dino ZEI. [nt]

 By: amanico : February 8th, 2011-11:17
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It's a fake. [nt]

 By: DrRichard : February 9th, 2011-10:12
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Mum... more like the Paci's Crew!

 By: PoyFR : February 9th, 2011-22:13
Slowly but surely most of this unforgettable crew will sooner or later keep fall off the famous Garibaldi ship ;-)

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Io, Commandante del ( Stupido ) Tempo... :) [nt]

 By: amanico : February 9th, 2011-22:54
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More info about 5218-206/A (not produced under Panerai Firenze or Cartier/Vendome)

 By: PoyFR : February 22nd, 2011-00:57
More info about 5218-206/A (not produced under Panerai Firenze or Cartier/Vendome)

In checking all my information about this watch, I can provide more info for those interested.  I can confirm that this watch was not produced nor delivered to anyone at PANERAI in Firence post or past the take over by Cartier/Vendome.

Following a special request by Commandant Franco Zavattaro (Panerai in Firenze), this particular watch was designed at the end of 1996. 'Special' because this piece was solely destined for the French Military Incursori.  This piece was designed with a very specific rotating bezel which needed and required maintenance every approx. 100 hours of use (some parts required changing).

Along with other watches 5218-209, 5218-210, 5218-218, those projects were subcontracted by Panerai in Firenze to Coro, but this specific model 5218-206/A was never produced nor handed to anyone at PANERAI in Firenze or at Cartier/Vendome.  All other models have been delivered to Cartier/Vendome and to Panerai in Firenze when specific watches were destined to highly positioned member of state (as per the signed contract between both parties)

Like I stated above, up untill 2003 I was acertain by ex-Panerai members that this piece had never been produced.

Thank you for the information POY!

 By: i_am_Sam : February 22nd, 2011-03:25

I really appreciate your answers.

Now we know that this one WAS INTENDED for military purpose.

Thanks again




 By: BDLJ : February 24th, 2011-21:08

I missed this post and instead asked Nico the question I'm about to ask you smile

Do you have any details of why the bezel would need maintenance? It doesn't appear particularly interesting (or legible)

Not all can be said simply to avoid further new births... ;-)

 By: PoyFR : February 25th, 2011-02:15

This watch was intended and destined solely for military use.
Part of the specifications was that the rotating bezel could be locked at any given position, this to avoid any accidental mistiming.
The bezel once positioned at any required position it would lock itself making use the protecting crown lever, which therefore had two principal functions.
The developed part was made of elastomer and it needed replacement after a speculated 100 hours of use.

Also, because this piece was destined for military use, it could not have been issued in any reflective material!

I am still searching more info, if any I might keep you informed..