Most detailed info on the Ref. 2533 I have ever encountered!

Jan 08, 2010,19:08 PM

Ciao Paneristis!

Hope you all are having or are about to have a great start to the 2nd weekend of this very beautiful New Year!

I'v been meaning to share this post with you all since the last week of last year, but was caught up in a whole lot of stuff so pardon for the delay!

Basically, i purchased the latest book on Panerai by Mario Paci, and the main difference between this edition and the 1st is that both Italian and English are printed in the same volume, thus reducing the need to have two separate books, and also the watch files that are found in the 1st edition that came in loose leafs, are condensed into a spine book version, and on top of that are given way much more detail than ever!

Naturally alot of rare and beautiful precious shots of vintage Panerais are included, but the one that gets me the most is for the very 1st time, ( well 2nd unless you count the extremely brief photo and probably 5 lines of Japanese that hardly describes much about the watch at all e.g. No Specs and such) there is at LEAST some solid and printed detailed information regarding my most favourite, and probably the MOST mysterious ( and mysterious is good, especially because of the war secrecy that surrounds Panerai in it's glorious history) PAnerai in my humble opinion, the Reference. 2533!

I'v taken shots of the few pages in the book that concerns this watch only, because i feel that i MUST share it with all of you since no one seem to know much about it anyways! Naturally i credit all the info to the Author, Sig. Paci!





Cover of the 2 books, the watch files data book is the one on the right.

Presenting... the 2533! You know it's the photo of the real thing because of the huge and very famous scratch at 3~4 o'clock!

This is how data is printed in the book, left in Italiano and right in English, i will be taking shots of only the English bits

This is VERY VERY surprising information! Anyone of you know of this before?! I know i didnt! And since the 2533 ( 2 handed version) only existed in 1 piece ( or as Asi mentioned before maybe 2 or 3), this one with the seconds hand should only exist in 1 piece as well?

Voila! What do you think of it? I sorta think that it kinda throws the balance off a wee bit....

Attesting to the fact that all initial Pams are more Rolex than OP!

All Panerais should be just this, Hours and Minutes! Nothing less, nothing more!

Imagine if Panerai did a homage with the exacting specifications as listed above!

And the final shot..... Boy, now all i'm waiting for, as i have been for a long time already now and will continue to wait for, is the re-edition of the Ref. 2533!

Now, let's discuss what would you all like to see this watch in? What should the case material be? I would like it to be in Titanium, or in something new, such as maybe forged carbon or ceramic or even better some new exotic alloy!

Naturally it MUST be 47mm and be hand-wound! And the movement, should it be a Minerva, an manifacturra, or the grail of it all, some genuine Angelus or even Rolex!

But i love this face so much that, if OP did a re-edition a la 249 / 262, ( one case in SS the other in Pt of the same watch), i would NOT hesistate to get BOTH!

Only time can and will tell, till then, my heart is just beating all the time for this to be born!

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Wow, I didn't know that Mr PACI was an Historian!

 By: amanico : January 8th, 2010-21:54
Well, I would be more prudent when it comes to the 2533... One piece, now 2 or 3... Don't know what to think about this. This is indeed a surprising book...I even noticed some pics of mine, inside. Best, Nicolas

Historian? Nah, it's only that some people have missed The Boat

 By: PoyFR : January 9th, 2010-02:06
In those difficult times of economies everyone tries to stay afloat. In that second version of the book we can find the endless crew of ghosts, the authors liberty to share photos of others together with some strange mismatch presentations. Even making re...  

The deep deep world of Panerai is still out there

 By: BluNotte : January 9th, 2010-05:11
And i may never fully comprehend it all in this lifetime of mine. But i'm glad that i am allowed to share in part of this wonderful history, even if the total truth can never be known. In all cases, thank you for your comments, they are much appreciated b... 


 By: PinkPanther : January 9th, 2010-12:37
a great photo.... Cheers

This is the (in)famous Garibaldi Ship, also called " Ship of Fools "

 By: amanico : January 9th, 2010-13:01
100 % pure fake watches on the deck ( or almost ) Best, Nicolas This message has been edited by amanico on 2010-01-09 13:01:43


 By: PinkPanther : January 9th, 2010-13:07
I didn't know this.... Cheers

Wow, what a revelation! [nt]

 By: BluNotte : January 10th, 2010-06:05
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It is not a revelation, Stephen..It is at least a 4 years old story.

 By: amanico : January 10th, 2010-06:34
And a well known one. Best, my friend. Nicolas This message has been edited by amanico on 2010-01-10 06:43:02

Ahh my apologies then for being so late into the story!

 By: BluNotte : January 10th, 2010-07:29
Once again i will testify, there is so much more to Panerai! Deeper than the Mariana trench i will say! Stephen

LOL, Stephen, but TRUE! [nt]

 By: amanico : January 10th, 2010-08:38
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Yves, weren't you the publisher of the first Dino Zei book?

 By: Guille : January 11th, 2010-11:46
Wondering if Mr Zei is one of these "knowledge" people you talk about. Hope all is great

Concerning Watches, no, he is not one of the 2 I mentioned.

 By: PoyFR : January 12th, 2010-03:52
Hope all is great with you and your family.

Well you are famous mon ami...

 By: BluNotte : January 9th, 2010-05:09
So won't be surprised if i see your works anywhere else! A bientot Stephen

Not that much, as

 By: amanico : January 9th, 2010-05:22
I never received any request of authorization to use my pics for this book.... And I've been told that I wasn' t the only one in this situation. As for the Panerai Vintage world, I can tell you that only 4 or 5 guys in the world know what it is, really. I... 

Naturlamente mon ami

 By: BluNotte : January 9th, 2010-07:02
The genuine story behind what Panerai is, is something that is almost impossible to fathom. I bet that even if you were to ask that 4 or 5 people who knows heaps about it, there is still this slight portion that is unfulfilled, that even they can't answer... 

Thanks Stephen

 By: Ale (aka Fuciliere) : January 8th, 2010-23:28
Thanks for sharing Stephen. The book was presented by Mr. Paci himself here in Milan right before Christmas during an auction where a GPF2/56 and a very rare 6152 Marina Militare with see through back were sold. The same book was already printed and publi... 

I have the 1st book too by Dino zei

 By: BluNotte : January 9th, 2010-05:12
And yes i can testify that this 2nd edition is indeed chock full of rare shots that I have never seen before! Well, whatever the case, here's a toast to panerai forever! Salute! Stephen

Nothing new mate

 By: Asimut : January 8th, 2010-23:44
and Just because something is written, doesn't make it true Here is a pic from may 2004, I refrained from posting it for obvious reasons. Asi...  

A sober ... +1 :)))

 By: amanico : January 8th, 2010-23:48

Holy cow, I left my skin behind! ;-) [nt]

 By: PoyFR : January 9th, 2010-02:08
No message body

Same feeling! [nt]

 By: BluNotte : January 9th, 2010-05:14
No message body

Wow, you are the man Asi!

 By: BluNotte : January 9th, 2010-05:13
Very good to see that 2533 batons and dots dial with the seconds hand! If i may so humbly ask, which part do you refer to that is written , yet is not true? I would like to know more about the 2533, as much as i can, and would greatly appreciate it if you... 

Oh my God....that is the Nirvana! [nt]

 By: Ale (aka Fuciliere) : January 9th, 2010-05:49
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 By: Davo : January 9th, 2010-13:58
What a sight!

Great info.....

 By: Andy : January 9th, 2010-01:19
I have seen the pic of the 2533 before and it is great - but would they release it in the same way they did with the 249..?? That would be something..!! 47mm in SS for me please. Pics of the version with the seconds at 9 both show different hands so I ass... 

Now that you mention it...

 By: BluNotte : January 9th, 2010-05:15
It seems so! Wow thanks for pointing this out! I agree, the one with the gold hands seem to have the missing dot at 25 min in there! Cheers Stephen

prego! [nt]

 By: BluNotte : January 10th, 2010-06:05
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The problem with the history untold

 By: Guille : January 10th, 2010-17:24
The problem with the history untold is that it leaves many ready to make history. On this topic many have the last word, until the next one. Stephen, thanks for sharing, thanks for wanting to learn more and thanks for your patience.

It would be my honour Guille

 By: BluNotte : January 10th, 2010-18:18
If i am "allowed" to learn more about the fascinating world of Panerai. I know that there are many opinions out there, and some are true, while many might be lies even. I just hope that I will be able to distinguish them with the help of the pros here, bu... 

You totally got it

 By: Guille : January 10th, 2010-19:03
I'm not in any way part of the "know" club but also curious to learn. Without the knowledge I can only speculate that the hesitance to share has more to do with the high degree of fragility that exist in the vintage world. This is the only reason to prote... 

Right Guille! [nt]

 By: BluNotte : January 11th, 2010-05:34
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very interesting thread..

 By: ocwatching : January 11th, 2010-10:00
and discussions... love this place...

Thumbs up! [nt]

 By: BluNotte : January 11th, 2010-13:16
No message body