The Slytech Brochure, for Pre V Lovers only

 By: amanico : September 20th, 2008-07:12

For your eyes only, guys...

Here's a rare brochure, which was delivered to all Panerai AD's in the Pre V Era, more precisely in 1996, and which was quite immediately retired, as Stallone didn't give his green light for this document...

A piece of History:

Interesting, isn't it???



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Why did they bother though

 By: denbunn : September 26th, 2008-03:35
Certainly a very interesting thing to see, thanks for putting it up - I particularly love the pic of Arnie trying it on. I know that in '96 Sly was a huge star, but with hindsight it does rather cheapen the wonderful name of Panerai don't you think?

Without him

 By: BDLJ : December 8th, 2008-17:41
I doubt you'd know about Panerai.