PAM665 Ferretti

Aug 22, 2016,12:38 PM

Historic Italian AD - Ferretti, Montecatini - has ordered a 30 years Special Edition that consists of 30 pieces. The case is the 372 one, with a beautiful brown/copperish sun-burst dial. In the package, Ferretti included: an SLC motief ring, a fine leather belt as well as an extra Ferretti strap. The price is Euro 12,000.- 

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Looks like a nice presentation.

 By: Bill : August 22nd, 2016-12:58
For you or not? Bill

Not even close...

 By: sergio : August 22nd, 2016-13:11
sponsored items (like corporate Xmas give away) are not my cup of tea. Besides, on my hopelesslly stubby fingers, the ring would look positevly..awful LOL


 By: Maltie : August 22nd, 2016-13:01
The dial looks like the PAM605

Correct. The sunburst dial is as handome to look

 By: sergio : August 22nd, 2016-13:14
as confusing in pictures, since it reflects the surrounding colours that, litterally, drown the original one

It would be even cooler...

 By: sergio : August 22nd, 2016-14:16
to go to Montecatini and take delivery in person. Ferretti has a mini-museum Panerai with some pretty cool stuff inside

Nice Package...

 By: SALMANQ8 : August 22nd, 2016-13:51
has that old school Mediterranean Sea and Desert Look. S

Such a cool piece! [nt]

 By: logan2z : August 22nd, 2016-22:03

Many reasons to like it.

 By: kolosstt : August 24th, 2016-01:39
Even though I am not the guy for wearing rings. Thanks for sharing and best regards, kolosstt

Just a correction, the Ferretti 30th Anniversary set is a PAM 665 not a PAM 655. [nt]

 By: Alan T. Mah : September 10th, 2016-11:28
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Thanks Alan, I've duly amended the mistake....

 By: sergio : September 10th, 2016-12:07
numbers and me, every now and again, go..dislexic..on one another. Welcome in the forum and thanks for the..head's up