Replace T Dial - No Way

 By: Watches4ever : August 7th, 2015-20:57
With my recent purchase, Pam 225, noticed a slack in winding and decided to bring to Panerai Boutique (HK) for a service (lubrication or adjusting the crown). Immediately I was told, most likely the dial will be replaced with a L Dial, because its company policy and Swiss industry have a total ban on T (Tritium) dial, for its radioactive element. My immediate reply was - No way, that will make the watch value plummet, and that's the reason I buy some Panerai, for its dial and history. I gathered that Panerai doesn't give a damn about this dial and request all to sign a replace document before servicing watches with T-Dial. As everyone knows, prices between T & L dial, can varies by 50% or more.

Anyone encounters this incidence when servicing your Pam??

I just can't imagine my exclusive Pam 225 with a L-Dial-L, probably making this watch's value get chuck out of the window...

BTW, the watch will now be serviced by expert who will bring her back to good health soon....and retain everything!!!


It is not only the value, it is also the charm of the patina. You did well.

 By: amanico : August 7th, 2015-22:27

And, by the way, the phenomenon is well known. I heard that some 7 or 8 years ago from Panerai.

And the explanation you gave was exactly the same one.



I had the same problem with my 36...

 By: sergio : August 8th, 2015-05:14
and decided, there and then, never to consider Panerai for servicing..old...models. I found myself a reliable watch repair shop and never looked back! Besides, it makes no sense to spend an absolute fortune and wait until the...cows come service pieces that are NOT under warranty smile I had the Pre-A 2 and 9, "tinkered" with, some time ago and both took 1 week and cost less than half what I would have spent in Panerai. Don't forget..also..that the beauty of these "old" pieces is that they have Unitas/ETA movements inside. Everyone that understand about horologery, can open and service smile

It's "throwing out the baby with the bath water"

 By: cazalea : August 8th, 2015-14:43
to discard these dials, since a watchmaker never touches the dial or hands with fingers anyway. I would think the health risk is smaller than handling a lithium battery Quartz watch. But rules also sometimes lead to more profit for the manufacture - such as this dial rule and all new hands every time too...

Best bet is to throw up your hands in dismay, and send all T Swiss T dial watches to a safe location in far-away California desert, where they will be carefully monitored for radioactivity. Let me send you my box office number by PM...


Just a way for them to earn extra dollars

 By: Nicko16 : August 8th, 2015-16:57
Other companies today in Switzerland are using micro gas tubes with tritium inside. Plus the amount of tritium on your Slytech isn't at a level which is harmful. Otherwise how could you wear it in the first place.

This has been standard Panerai service for quite some time

 By: AnthonyTsai : August 9th, 2015-21:17
No more tritium dials. Another reason could be the tritium could flake off and eventually find its way into the movement.

If you have a T-dial Panerai and need to get it serviced, you'll need to find someone else for the servicing if you want to keep your original dial.


Pam 225 completely serviced

 By: Watches4ever : August 14th, 2015-10:12
by an ex-richemont group servicing senior who gave my 10 years old Slytech a good service, done within days. He also understood about the T-dial recall by Panerai and 100% against their policy. The brand company doesn't care a cent about collectors who invested heavily on T-dial, and this time, I was lucky I was told before saying goodbye to my 225...

That is how we like to hear the end of the story. Happy end. Great news. [nt]

 By: Bill : August 30th, 2015-21:54
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