WTB: Patek Philippe 5164A

Apr 01, 2021,15:41 PM

Brand: Patek Philippe - (more)

Series: 5164A

Model: 5164A

Condition: NIB

Location: United States United States 

Status: WTB

Listed: Apr 1, 2021, 10:41 PM

Asking Price: USD 68,000 

Retail Price: USD 

Payment Info:


Please note all transactions and listing are between private parties WatchProSite/PuristSPro make no Warranties or Guaranties of any kind is the responsibility of the Buyers and Sellers.

I am looking to procure a 5164A. 

I would prefer an example that is new, unworn, unsized, still under warranty, and located in the USA. 

Please only contact me if you have the watch in-hand. 

Please PM me with your name, location, phone numbers and details/photos of the watch.  Please be thorough and include important details that you would want me to know.  Empathy is key. 

You must answer the following questions:
1.  Is the watch new and unused?
2.  Is the watch sized to your wrist?
3.  Is the watch still under warranty? 
4.  Is the watch in your possession?  In hand or in the bank? 
5.  Where are you located?  (don't give me your address, but something along the lines of "I live in the metro area of Dallas-Fort Worth")
6.  Are you a dealer?  Or an individual? 
7.  Have you ever sold a watch in a private party transaction before? 
8.  Did you include your phone number?  Did you include your timezone and a good time to call? 

Many thanks in advance. 

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