It is indeed. I think it’s due to ALS pieces being finally recognized

 By: fairfax : June 30th, 2021-13:37
As people learn more about GO (esp with the older no-expense-spared pieces such as PRG) it’s going up too. All it takes is some social media coverage and ppl will jump on the bandwagon. The movement architecture of the PRG stands above the Datograph IMHO

For me, guilloche all the way!

 By: NautNut : July 4th, 2021-14:27

Thank you!

 By: fairfax : July 21st, 2021-09:18
I just wanted to thank everyone on this thread for your suggestions. I ended up with the PT after having both in my hand. Both PRG dials were so hard to capture in terms on color and texture. But the PT won out quite easily for me due to the following reasons:

1) egg shell beige + blue hands on the PT vs metallic grey with black hands gave it more life
2) the rose engine guilloche was a huge positive in person w/o being too busy. I wasn’t sure initially about the vertical stripes, but it went well with the casual aspect of a chrono so well in person
3) more scratch resistant and I liked the buckle more than deployant in the WG which allowed me to marvel at the movement
4) the cabochon was not so much a negative once on the wrist
5) the brand placard is shaped more elegantly on the PT and the hour/minute chapter ring doesn’t eat into the seconds giving a more refined dial again

I aiming to post up a mini pictorial once I have the time and lens to demonstrate these subtleties soon!
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