Aborinal art using new medium

 By: dreamer8 : December 16th, 2011-22:57
When i saw this artwork , it is unmistakeable aboriginal art.The actual piece looks much more resplendent in real life than my iphone photo. Instead of the usual " dots " using paint, this piece was commissioned by Nespresso and the " dots " are nespresso aluminium capsules , using the colour palette from the existing nespreso range.Hope you enjoy this art work as much as i was moved by it.


Aboriginal art work using new medium

Aboriginal art work using new medium

Background to the artwork

Background to the artwork

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 By: DRMW : December 17th, 2011-00:07
Very interesting piece and thanks for sharing.  I'm not familiar with Aboriginal art, what is the significance of using dots?   Do certain colors or patterns represent something?



 By: AndrewD : December 20th, 2011-19:49

Hi Ming,

The meaning of the dots is not entirely known, and there are various theories. What seems to be true is that this style of ‘dot painting’ appeared in the 1960’s in the Central and Western Desert areas, principally amongst the Papunya and Yuendumu communities. The dots are thought primarily to have been used to obscure sacred details that the ‘uninitiated’ were not allowed to view. So they are a type of masking.

And yes, the various shapes do have specific meaning. In this art example you can see water holes and rivers, but specific meaning is often dependent on the region and group who created the art.


Ps. I have a goose-neck (hook) boomerang made for me in the early 70’s by a Yuendumu elder using traditional techniques and covered in red ochre (wilgi). A prized childhood possession that I will post some photos of at some point.

thanks for the info! [nt]

 By: DRMW : December 20th, 2011-20:15
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That is really smart!

 By: sidneyc : December 17th, 2011-03:14
And it still maintains the essence of Aboriginal art! Well done to the artist!

Very interesting

 By: elanoftroy : December 18th, 2011-14:10

I'm not familiar with Aborinal art and would be interested in comparing the two types. 

Thanks for sharing,