Any EU citizens want to chime in....dont know what is really going on. There is just so much news pollution these days. Not to forget drug industry in NA is infamous for its underhanded tactics...

 By: redcorals : April 7th, 2021-10:12

In Canada we have gone from not advised for 65+ to not advised for 55- during which time our Prime Minister has stated it's perfectly safe and anyone should take it if offered. No wonder people are hesitant.

 By: oyster case : April 7th, 2021-10:16
No message body

Thanks for that context. We are dealing with jokers n 🤡 - new policy n directives every week.

 By: redcorals : April 7th, 2021-10:22
No message body


 By: Spencer Karrington : April 7th, 2021-16:10
No message body

well said!

 By: emcquillan : April 7th, 2021-11:03
No message body

Dont think there is a problem. AZ only delivers a minority in Germany and the few million bottles we have are taken in really fast speed by those who are willing to take it.

 By: Reuven Malter : April 7th, 2021-10:18
If AZ would be a bigger part of the plan, then we would have a problem though. But it isnt.

Every medicine ever will always have adverse reactions

 By: CastorKrieg : April 7th, 2021-10:22
This is more severs than others but then again the world pulled a world class feat by making the vaccine in 6-9 months, less than half the time it normally takes.

Getting rashes soreness n sneezes is a Reaction...this sounds like a gamble - willing to accept chances of one serious health problem with some probability to subside other. Feeling lucky ?

 By: redcorals : April 7th, 2021-10:31
No message body

AstraZeneca has been on a complete hold in Denmark for a few weeks now,

 By: ChristianDK : April 7th, 2021-10:30
It’s huge problem for the program as it is one of our major suppliers and we have large quantity in stock.

But was it based on local results after administration or just news coming out of foreign media. We have no neg feedback but the admin still backed off.

 By: redcorals : April 7th, 2021-10:36
No message body

We have had a few dead and some cases of thrombosis

 By: ChristianDK : April 7th, 2021-11:48
Mainly young people and health care workers as it was administered to them first and foremost. European Medicines Agency (EU) has confirmed in a statement today that there is an issue but still minor compared to the benefits. Here in DK it is still on hold.

Let's be fair here. The drug industry worldwide is infamous for underhanded tactics. ;-)

 By: mpg13 : April 7th, 2021-11:38
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Just to put this into prospective...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : April 7th, 2021-11:58
In the UK 11.7 million doses of Astra Zeneca vaccine had been administered by March 7 this year saving many lives.
The risk of blood clots is 1 in 250,000
The risk of being killed in an auto accident is 1 in 37,000

True but it all goes to relative comparison. The way our administration been advertising is it has 0 tolerance for deaths. So if US made vaccines are safer they wud wait out 2months in lock downs than risk 100 more deaths. Then again we are losing 60/d

 By: redcorals : April 7th, 2021-12:19
....without the vaccinations. we are stocked up on AZ but they r not being administrated 55-. Given a choice anyone wud wait for the Pfizer Moderna over AZ but a lot of ppl don't have that privilege. So we went back in to lockdown and stay at home order is in eff for next 4 weeks.

Zero tolerance is hard for me to accept as reasonable

 By: blau : April 7th, 2021-14:05
Exactly as you say, NOT giving it and waiting for others means tolerating a lot of unnecessary deaths!

I think the govt reasoning is if you get sick you exposed yourself by not following their guidelines - stay at home/social distancing orders. So worse outcomes are your own responsibility. But if they recommend and

 By: redcorals : April 7th, 2021-15:39
...administer a vaccine and you get sick it's On them.

They know their guidelines are not foolproof!

 By: blau : April 7th, 2021-19:33
So I hope they are not committed to the totally unreasonable claim that anyone who gets sick must have violated them!

since I am a German physician who seems to spend way too much time organizing vaccinations these days, let me chime in ...

 By: donizetti : April 7th, 2021-13:02
... the original trial data submitted by AZ to the regulator (EMA) did not have enough data on over 65 year olds, so several countries recommended it only for younger people (such as health care workers). AZ later submitted data showing that the vaccine is efficacious in the older age group, so that restriction was lifted. But then a rare and dangerous clotting disorder that very predominantly affects the young was observed (this was not seen in the UK, the country who have given that vaccine the most, because they vaccinated the elderly with it). This is likely more than a statistical fluke because a mechanism by which these clots are linked to the vaccine has been made plausible. So now the risk profile suggests not giving it to the young. In any case the risk is, as correctly stated, very low and much lower than having severe or fatal Covid-19, from which AZ protects very well. So looks helter-skelter but it is actually rational, if hard to explain. And it remains rational to take that vaccine,

Hope that makes sense -

Thanks for your educated input. Wat seems to be the most common denominator among the young getting blood clots? Is it a blood type or WBC count or something else?

 By: redcorals : April 7th, 2021-13:20
No message body

many are low in blood platelets (which form the clots)

 By: donizetti : April 7th, 2021-13:26
the assumption is that there is an immunological response that activates the platelets and the clotting response. A telltale sign is that in addition to the brain thrombosis they have small bleeds in the skin because those platelets are then missing elsewhere in their body. This has been observed with some other drugs and also infections. 


Excellent post sir, thanks for sharing!

 By: Gwai : April 7th, 2021-14:19
Even among the generally educated, there seems to be a growing tendency towards condemning first and educating oneself later...
Cheers Marc

Thank you Andreas.

 By: Cpt Scarlet : April 7th, 2021-14:35
No message body

Thank you Andreas!

 By: ChristianDK : April 7th, 2021-21:09
No message body

Thanks a lot for all these details.

 By: Watch_kha_wen : April 8th, 2021-03:10
I heard that the risks with AZ are also mainly on first dose so if already had it without a problem it is pretty safe on the second dose even on younger ones.
Not sure that’s verified.


My dad ...

 By: bimbeano : April 7th, 2021-14:47
.... aged 84 got his first AZ shot a couple of weeks ago.
I wouldn’t mind getting AZ as well, i just hope i can get Johnson&Johnson ... only one shot needed apparently.
I guess any vaccin these days is a blessing, people are fed up with this virus.


Same preference than you, my friend. One shot is for me. ;)

 By: amanico : April 7th, 2021-14:50
No message body

Spoke too soon...j&j vaccinations paused in USA

 By: redcorals : April 13th, 2021-05:50
No message body

And strangely ...

 By: bimbeano : April 13th, 2021-13:52
My 78 yo mum got her first shot Pfizer 🤔.

Line has just got her second injection... Moderna.

 By: amanico : April 13th, 2021-14:44
No message body

Gud ...hopefully she doesn't have any reactions

 By: redcorals : April 14th, 2021-05:49
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