Continuing to advocate watches and working out

 By: Ted-Lo : February 8th, 2020-10:09
Let’s release those endorphins!

Uber cool this OS [nt]

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : February 8th, 2020-12:30
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Thank you Riddler - Good Workout Companion [nt]

 By: Ted-Lo : February 8th, 2020-12:40
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Excellent watch! (What's "working out"?) [nt]

 By: kjkt3 : February 8th, 2020-12:49
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Thank you.

 By: Ted-Lo : February 8th, 2020-12:53
Working out for me, at least in the present time, is getting on the elliptical and trying to burn as much calories as possible. The VC is a good companion during such endeavors.

I'll join you on a treadmill ....

 By: robmks1 : February 8th, 2020-17:28
My gym got some new ones with very nice worldwide tours you can take. He I am with my NTH in Sydney Harbor, Australia. 


Loving it!!!!

 By: Ted-Lo : February 8th, 2020-17:53
Awesome treadmill, I am still using an old elliptical my wife bought from CostCo.
Software is a bit old, but does the job!!!

What’s the purpose

 By: Jurry : February 8th, 2020-23:54
Of work8ng out if you’ve got watches already?

LOL! Good one! [nt]

 By: amanico : February 8th, 2020-23:56
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To have a good wrist companion...

 By: Ted-Lo : February 9th, 2020-02:24
As you painfully trudge through the calories, I need adversaries on that journey. A piece of horology helps me cope.

I am ok with the watch, less with the work out.. I have too much work in. ;) [nt]

 By: amanico : February 8th, 2020-23:57
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 By: Ted-Lo : February 9th, 2020-02:26
I see it from a perspective that, the watch, and the workout, helps me put more work in.

Both are inspirations to me.

;) [nt]

 By: amanico : February 9th, 2020-02:26
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I need methods to cope when I see you...

 By: Ted-Lo : February 9th, 2020-02:30
Post about the Rouge, and the Deep Sea Alarm, which I don’t have.


I understand. They both are Calories Killers. ;) [nt]

 By: amanico : February 9th, 2020-02:32
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Good one dear Sir. [nt]

 By: Ted-Lo : February 9th, 2020-12:35
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That was my point as well haha [nt]

 By: Jurry : February 9th, 2020-09:22
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Trying to get to the state of mind..

 By: Ted-Lo : February 9th, 2020-12:34
Of you two fine gentlemen...

Big aspirations!!!!!!

perfect watch for the job

 By: batholith : February 11th, 2020-17:41
Here's mine during an early morning run along the river


 By: Ted-Lo : February 11th, 2020-18:21
Are you any more careful because you have it on?


 By: batholith : February 11th, 2020-19:45
Certainly not with this as long as I have had it pressure tested in the past year. With other less sporty sports watches like the Octo Finissimo, yes, I feel the need to be more careful. 

I'm lucky to live in a town where I can be out running or on the bicycle at 3 or 4 in the morning and not worry about crime. 

I'm glad to see you put your watches through their paces, as well!

Thank you Sir...

 By: Ted-Lo : February 11th, 2020-19:59
You are inspiring me, back on the elliptical!


 By: batholith : February 11th, 2020-20:26
I'd not be posting workout stuff if you hadn't so we'll just have to call the inspiration a two way street! Have a great workout, my friend.

Just did!

 By: Ted-Lo : February 11th, 2020-20:40

Good man!

 By: batholith : February 11th, 2020-20:49
Wow, your pulse rate is way up there!

LOL - I sprint at the end, I know my heart is a mess! [nt]

 By: Ted-Lo : February 11th, 2020-21:15
No message body

here's another one for you

 By: batholith : February 12th, 2020-03:15
bicycle on a trainer doing the appropriately named Sufferfest

Phenomenal Sir

 By: Ted-Lo : February 12th, 2020-03:31
Great companion!!!
You are a beast!!!
Love the Journe.


 By: batholith : February 12th, 2020-03:46
I wish I were a beast! But thank you my friend.

Welcome Sir, keep it up please...

 By: Ted-Lo : February 12th, 2020-04:04
I need the motivation, workout buddies are scarce in my household.
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