Speedmaster Legend - I'm in love with this one.

Oct 12, 2013,13:15 PM


This watch destiny was to be mine.

I "tortured" a seller by offering less at every time that I see it.

One day the seller comply and I got it.

Immediately it went on a trade.

Months back ... It's mine again.

Dumped the metal bracelet (Argh!!) into my bracelet "dumper" and ...


The Legend Series uses the Omega 3301 movement (Automatic, column wheel, chronometer) based on the F. Piguet (If I remember, caliber 1285).

This movement (and the 3303) were subject of a lot of discussion but I love the movement and I already had many watches based on this movement. It had issues on the initial days but is a mature and very reliable movement.

Nicolas will complain about the date but, it's there.

Few pictures of the Legend:

I'm planning to do a series with several watches released by Omega as an homage to Michael Schumacher, the most prestigious Formula One driver ever.



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Oh, so beautiful...

 By: KIH : October 12th, 2013-14:45
... I always envy you for acquiring a nice "must have".... This one is so gorgeous...... and GREAT PICS! Ken

It's a gorgeous series ...

 By: nilomis : October 12th, 2013-16:22
Omega did this series when Michael Schumacher was on the route for his seven championship. About the pictures, I notice that the Ppro image manager is changing the pictures, removing some of the sharpness and putting some blur on the details. I go to do s... 

Date Window Works.

 By: Whirling : October 12th, 2013-16:11
I agree that many date windows scar otherwise excellent dials. However, I feel the date window on this fits very nicely. Plus, tied with a second hand, it is my favorite complication...I often benefit from a quick reminder of the date. The color scheme re... 

I agree ...

 By: nilomis : October 12th, 2013-16:26
But in those modern times, I don't think that we need a date anymore. I have the date (and time) everywhere on my computers, smartphone etc. But it was a nice idea to put the date there. Cheers, Nilo

I love the color combo!

 By: dxboon : October 12th, 2013-18:35
I'm not generally one for date displays either, and I hate when the windows eat into a sub-dial, but otherwise this is an extremely attractive example of a Speedy IMO! Glad you are enjoying it. Your pictures really make the red on the dial pop! Love it! C... 

Color combo ...

 By: nilomis : October 13th, 2013-02:57
Daos, Thank you for noticing the color combination. It works great on a casual environment. Cheers, Nilo


 By: Hagen : October 13th, 2013-23:54
Congratultions. Love the look of that watch, the red is beautiful. Very interesting info about the movement as well. The symmentry of the dial is great. The subdials really do not interfere with any other element on the dial, which I really love on some o... 

You know me well... ;) This date at 6 is a real intruder.

 By: amanico : October 13th, 2013-23:57
But congrats on your catch, my friend. You never stop! Best, Nicolas.

I'm just an addicted ...

 By: nilomis : October 14th, 2013-05:29
Flipper, on my quest for the perfect watch. Cheers, Nilo

Eye catching watch!

 By: Mr.Gatsby : October 14th, 2013-07:05
I like the looks of it and honestly the date window at 6 o'clock is to be look passed.

Hi Nilo!

 By: Le Chiffre : October 14th, 2013-09:21
Is a beautiful watch! It also was on the wrist of the crupier at James Bond´s Casino Royal movie:

forget to add the image...

 By: Le Chiffre : October 14th, 2013-09:22

Croupier with taste ...

 By: nilomis : October 14th, 2013-13:31
That's the reason for the house always win. Cheers, Nilo

Let me guess, Nilo: red is . . .

 By: Dr No : October 15th, 2013-00:29
. . . your favorite color. :-) ...  

its a nice watch Nilo, especially the red dial

 By: G99 : October 18th, 2013-07:51
however, i'm not a fan of any watch made to celebrate or promote a sportsman. i did have a schumacher automatic with carbon dial, but didnt keep it for long. this one, with its lovely red dial could change my mind as long as his name isnt plastered all ov...