My vintage Omega Ploprof restoration review

 By: neurona : November 19th, 2010-15:25

Step by step...

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Do you like it?

Best regards

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Hi, Neurona - links to blogs are generally not allowed . . .

 By: Dr No : November 19th, 2010-18:59

. . . so if you would like to share the restoration of your Ploprof, please post directly on the forum.

Thanks, Art

Ok, I´m sorry

 By: neurona : November 20th, 2010-07:16

I´m sorry

I am sorry,  I didn´t know the norm

Are almost 100 photos...

I apologize again and thanks.

Is not self-promoting, alone intention of share.

If it would be wrong, please delete it.

Step by step
Step by step

Step by step
Step by step

Buffff and more... My connection of ADSL is very slow and exceeds the time

best regards

Please update.......

 By: skinnyguy : November 20th, 2010-09:27

Can't wait to see the job done,please update your work as soon as you could.


Not a problem,Carlos, and thanks for sharing the pics . . .

 By: Dr No : November 20th, 2010-11:36

. . . with us directly.

Cordially, Art

Sorry you had to do so much work for us

 By: mrsnak : November 20th, 2010-17:15

You did a fantastic job on that Ploprof. You might just request that people PM you for your blog link to get the fuller story. This will satisfy forum rules.

New pics...Ploprof restoration

 By: neurona : November 21st, 2010-14:38

The next steps...



Thanks for your comments and patience... To be continued... much more Photos


Best regards from Spain


impressive so far, look forward to more.

 By: G99 : November 21st, 2010-15:10

i didnt realise there was so much to taking a ploprof apart.



Brilliant, Carlos.

 By: BDLJ : November 21st, 2010-15:30

Thanks for posting these. I knew the details of the Ploprof crown, but this is the first time I have seen the bezel-lock pins dismantled....very interesting, thanks.

great photo essay so far

 By: playtime : November 23rd, 2010-18:07
looking forward to more pics


More steps...

 By: neurona : November 28th, 2010-14:43

And more photos...


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New pics...Ploprof restoration

 By: neurona : November 30th, 2010-13:20

New Pics...


Cheers all

Excellent, neurona.

 By: BDLJ : November 30th, 2010-16:47

Please keep them coming.

I have hand removers like those (much much better than the spring loaded things) watchmaker told me how to make them out of old knitting

I'm following your photographs with great interest. Thank you for...

 By: Ruckdee : May 14th, 2012-00:45
...taking the time to post individual pics. You can be sure we all here appreciate your kind gesture of sharing.


This is a great Ploprof post

 By: Bill : May 13th, 2012-23:36
Thank you for sharing it with us.